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Yowza, Yowza, Yowza - We have a dog star in the mansion. Throw her a bone?

Asked by janbb (61317points) 1 week ago

Our own insightful and sometimes biting canidmajor has reached 20,000 lurve. Shall we invite her into the house? We don’t want to just leave her in the yard.

Please welcome candmajor to the mansion!

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WOW ♡♡♡♡♡!

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@RayaHope Did you leave off the “bow”? lol

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Here’s all the bones I could find sending you happiness and joy on this momentous occasion!
Congratulations @canidmajor!
I have learned a lot from you over the years. Thanks for your contributions!

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Ho’omaikai! Bow wow WOW! Give them all the dog treats!

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Hey @canidmajor! Congrats on the well deserved 20k!
Your wit and humor brighten our day!
Here’s treat for you! (((o)))

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Bow-wow WOW !

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Congratulations to you.

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KOWABUNGA! What an accomplishment! Congrats!

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Who stole my BOW? ;)

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<woofing and wagging> Thanks guys, looking forward to some very fancy treatos!

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There you go! :) ♡♡

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It’s a rainy afternoon in 1990
The big city
Geez, it’s been 20 years
Candimajor, you were so fine
Beautiful, beautiful Candi from the North
You burned my heart with a flickering torch
I had a dream that no one else could see
You gave me love for free
Candimajor, Candimajor, Candimajor
I can’t let you go
All my life you’re haunting me

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I imagine you may know how I feel about balloons, the lovable indispensable accompaniment to any celebration . . . Here you go.

It’s far harder than it used to be to achieve lurve milestones, so my hearty congratulations to you.

@LuckyGuy, what a find!

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Fabulous!! Congratulations and a nice big ((BEAR HUG)).

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It wouldn’t take my bone emoticons. :(

You have your very own special bed here! Congrats!

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@canidmajor Congo Rats! I love these because it shows how appreciated you are here! WTG!

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Congratulations, @canidmajor! It’s the weekend! Let’s celebrate!

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20Kongratulations @canidmajor. A Happy New Year and welcome to the mansion.

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Congo rats!! I bring apple sauce and chocolate milk, mkay

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Late again!!!!!! Welcome to the kennel version of the mansion! Delighted to have you here… Congratz!!

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Nice. It’s great to have a dog in the mansion. Welcome, @canidmajor. Please wipe your paws. No jumping. Yes, that’s food. I know, so exciting! Oh no, the glasses! Please watch your tail. Not literally. Stop spinning! Just sit down. Why are you looking at me like that? No. I am not made of meat. None of us are.

Um, have we thought this through?

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@longgone LOL!! You cra~ck me UP!

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