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Full-time workers: are you able to fill an entire 8 hour day with work most of the time?

Asked by Locke (518points) January 20th, 2023

I’m interested to hear from people who work office or “white collar” jobs especially. I just got my first full-time job (I don’t want to go into too much detail about where I work, but it is mostly a desk job, though I also work with the public). I’ve been adding more tasks to what I do since being hired, but I still find myself with a few hours on certain days without much to do. I’ve been hearing about a TikTok trend where high-paid tech workers show how they basically do very little work during the day (maybe part of why demand for work-from-home has been so high) and it got me wondering about how common this is.

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Yes, plus some.

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Okay, I am only part-time, but I will answer this question if it’s okay. There are times throughout the year (and even certain weeks of the month), where I am fairly busy, but not all the time. I don’t advertise that fact, mainly because I am part-time, and I don’t want my hours reduced.

I also don’t want to be given other work that is really someone else’s job. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t happen at my current job, and I do help out with all sorts of stuff, but my job before this one was really bad about allowing this to happen. Salary people (teachers, mind you) often only worked 8–4 everyday (when they should have reasonably expected to be taking work home at least some of the time (or staying later), and that work was then put on the shoulders of hourly people, including me, who made maybe ⅔ (or less) of what the salary people were making.

I don’t mind helping out, but when you consistently see higher-paid coworkers around you goofing off, but then management expects you to shoulder some of their responsibilities (when you’re pretty busy with your own work), it gets old really quickly. Not to mention, just because I have a little bit of down time, due to the fact that I have developed a more efficient method of getting my own work done, doesn’t mean I should have to pick up your slack.

So, I have perfected the art of always looking busy, even when I’m not.

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I generally have down time daily, but I do work ahead and tackle projects before I start goofing off. And I ask my team if anyone needs help, so if I’m called out my character is not in question.
Good luck, make sure to exercise so you don’t get the keyboard big butt!!

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I work in the legal field and the nature of the job makes it so that somedays I have hours where I do not have any work, but on other days I am so busy I have to stay late to complete it. Law firms usually take this in to account and do not fuss too much when we don’t have work and do other things instead. My little cubby is so neat and clean.

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I was full time – not any more.
I always had stuff to do. Projects, programming, optimization, testing, etc. I could read technical magazines, search for ideas or alternatives, or perform an experiment.
During “down time” I didn’t waste it on social media. I could always find something job or skill set related. That is fair – they were paying me to work.

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I no longer work, but when I did, it was full time and I rarely got everything done in a day. There were almost always leftover or ongoing things to do the next day; usually just documentation that I did the original work. In the medical field there’s tons of documentation regarding the machines, maintenance, as well as patient results. If it’s on paper it’s kept for (I think) 7 years. If it’s patient results in the computer it’s kept for…hmmm…ever?

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When I had to punch a time clock I did.

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@smudges I hope you never took “work” home with you! lol. ewww

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I would be classified as Overemployed. I have 2 full time jobs and take home 2 full time salaries.
I have done this on and off for about 15 years. It is considered white collar in High Tech. One job is a FTE and one is contract. I put in about 60 hours and the current 2 firms are in different Industries (Financial & Healthcare).
I certainly have a full plate in each firm but as you state, it never fills my full day for just one role.
Juggling multiple meetings and zoom calls can be a bit tricky but it works.
This is just the nature of me keeping busy because I get bored when I have to make up things to do in a single job.
Oh yes, I am also a part time Student at Berklee College of Music taking 6 credits per semester.

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One summer while in college; I worked as a draftsman for construction at a large manufacturing company and 36 hours a week for a psychiatric hospital and played in a band sometimes twice a week.

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I haven’t worked 8-hour days at a single job in a long time, but I could always keep myself busy when I did. I’d often look ahead at what was coming up and get started on that. Other times, I’d start on side projects we always meant to get to. I don’t like not being busy.

For the past five years, I’ve been “full time” at one university but they only require I work 20-hours/week. I fill the rest of the week by being an adjunct/visiting lecturer at three other schools. All told, it’s about 38–40 hours of actual work.

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I’m typically working 10 hours in an 8 hour day.

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