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How does a college provide for a student with epilepsy?

Asked by RayaHope (7019points) 1 week ago

What kinds of special things should be done? Like the dorm and the instruction. How would it be different then my school is now? Since I may be far from home and my family and doctors, what do I have to do to consider and prepare?

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How is your school now?

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The thing is that they known of my issue since I was 13 so steps have been in place for years now. A college would be all new people and I was wondering how they may handle this. My mom and even doctors were kinda close to if needed and I have friends and teachers that know what to do. College would be all new.

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There will be an office of disabilities at the college. You should give them a call and have a conversation as prospective student.

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@gorillapaws is correct. Speak with them in advance and discuss your concerns, condition, and what you need to be comfortable at school.

In college, more so than high school, you really need to be your own advocate and communicate clearly with the office for disabilities and accommodations, your professors, student services, housing, and your program/department chair.

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I agree with the above that there is likely an office that helps with physical disabilities and medical conditions. I think you should seek out that information before applying to a school and make sure you will feel comfortable.

My university had a medical center on campus, but I went to a very large university that had a DO program. It wasn’t a hospital, just doctors, but anyway it was easy to get medical care, although emergencies would have to go to the local hospital.

Most public places and large institutions have warnings if there will be strobe lights during an event.

If eating on time is a trigger for you, you’ll be happy to know it’s much easier to control your schedule in college than in K-12, but as a freshman you might be behind upperclassmen for choosing classes, but possibly they make exceptions for people with special physical needs.

My guess is there are epilepsy groups that you can talk to people who are in college now and can tell you what it’s like for them.

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Look into this before you even go, and be sure help is available. That’s nothing to take lightly.

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Thank you all and @Kardamom We’ll be checking those out! :)

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Thank you @raum for this :)

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Sure thing! Excited for you. :D

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