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Does anyone have a good reference for sites that explain estate and probate stuff?

Asked by canidmajor (20037points) 1 week ago

Yes, I know it varies by state, no I don’t need to be told I should hire an attorney, this is purely for my own preliminary research so I can determine which questions I want/need to ask.

I am not requesting probate advice from the collective.

Thank you.

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Thanks, @jca2.
Never mind, guys, not going to be an issue.

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@canidmajor – Right.

Sometimes giving up is the best plan.

But if that doesn’t work, NOLO’s state by state overview
of estate & probate rules is a good place to start :

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Find an attorney.

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State and county websites for the state where any will was made and where any real estate subject to estate is located, and the state where the deceased lived at death.

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If I remember correctly you live in Connecticut, I found this

Also, one thing to know is put beneficiaries on all of your “bank” accounts, including IRA’s and 401K’s and then that all goes to the right people outside of the probate mess from what I understand.

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