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Have you ever forgotten something that you really should have remembered?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21603points) 1 week ago

Last evening I forgot my age. I had to call family for my age. Should I tell my Dr. or does it happen to everyone and is a one off?

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Edit update Turns out that my family got my age wrong too. I asked my digital assistant and she gave me the correct age.

I forgot that I failed a dementia test by one point last year, and had my learner’s permit for driving revoked.

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I forgot the four digits necessary to unlock my phone once. I’d used them every morning for over a year with no issues. Then woke up one morning, and they were just gone. I never remembered them again. I was 23, but very freaked out because hereditary Alzheimers runs in my family. However, nothing like this ever happened again.

If I forgot my age and had dementia concerns, I think I’d go get checked out by a neurologist. Over here, neurologists can prescribe ergotherapy. I bet there’s something similar in your healthcare system. So if the doctor doesn’t find any medical cause that can be addressed with meds, you might end up going to an ergotherapist regularly to learn about memory exercises and get help with any practical issues that could come up while your memory is suffering.

A brain that’s stressed doesn’t ever perform well. Are you feeling okay emotionally? Because if not, that can definitely have an effect.

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@longgone No not stressed. I had an MRI last year and was ok.

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Sure, that comes with age.

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@RedDeerGuy1 , Do you know what year you were born? If you know that, you can always determine how old you are.

I recently drew a blank filling in the name of my family doctor on a form. After about half a minute I remembered it.

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@LostInParadise Thanks. Muggle age is 45, from 1977.

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Oh yeah, I think it happens to most people from time to time.

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I had an accident a long time ago. When the ambulance crew asked my age I could not remember. I tried really hard to figure out the month so I would know whether or not I had a birthday. I was guessing 4 or 5 years younger!
I also was smelling strange odors that were not there.

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I’m human.

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Yes. But I can’t remember an example.

comedy drum riff

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I called my sister on her birthday and forgot to wish her a happy birthday.

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Sometimes I forget people’s names – names that I know, for example my neighbor.

When I forget someone’s name, I just say “hey there!”

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I forget names of people and I sometimes forget what day or what date it is.

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@Entropy – the term is a “rim shot” in case you forgot..

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Yesterday I incorrectly proclaimed my age. 30 years difference from my actual age. Whoops. Brain fart. Or maybe my brain is just saying it’s tired.

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