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This person in my class keeps touching me. Does he like me?

Asked by Pablo_03 (57points) 6 days ago

I like him but i just want to know if he likes me back. Not like intimate touch.

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This is a touchy subject. I know it’s exciting to think about his motives, but it’s difficult for us to really know. I suggest you ask him to have a soda with you and to become friends.

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@Hawaii_Jake is right. Try and become friends and hope it does not get awkward.

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It looks that way.

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I think so, or you keep falling asleep and he’s trying to keep you awake. hehe

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Wait…in what way is he touching you?

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May I ask how old you are?

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im 14, he is my friend though. He just usually touches my shoulder or back most times.

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For no reason?

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When he’s exited about something or when he sees me walking and he goes up to talk to me. AND, he was playfully punching me.-.

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He certainly likes you. Muster up your courage, and invite him to hang out.

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It may just be his nature.

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Probably not. That seems like an awfully aggressively hassling way to do that. Seems he may be trying to annoy you, “hinting” he doesn’t like you. But, since we’re not there it’s hard to put into context and we’re not mind readers, it’s hard if not impossible to say for sure.

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Guys don’t spend that long hinting that they don’t like the girl. They only spend that much time, and beyond, hinting they’re sexuall attracted to the girl.

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