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If you’re in the US, are you switching your cellphone plans to the 25 dollars a month fee?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27819points) 6 days ago from iPhone

It looks like US cellphone
service providers are lowering their fees dramatically.

I am using Boost Mobile as my cellphone service provider and I now have a chance to lower my 50 dollar a month plan to half of that which includes the same unlimited text and video usage…supposedly.

According to Boost website and customer service, all I need to do is buy a SIM card and I could call them back for help in setting it up…and all without changing my phone number and deleting my cellphone files and text messaging history. Something that matters greatly to me, keeping my text messages history.

So a follow-up question…is changing SIM cards safe and
guaranteed I wouldn’t lose data on my cell? Thank you!

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It’s sucking you in.

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I think we have T-Mobile, I don’t know what it costs per line. I think it’s already $25 each line.

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Nah. I am on T-Mobile for many years. I pay $20 US for each line (3 lines) all unlimited.

With taxes and fees it comes to about $26

Changing SIMS will not affect any data on your phone.

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I’ve had Cricket for about 10 years and I’ve been paying 30 for the entire time, unlimited.

Not many people have it or have heard of it but it works for me.

My cable company offered me a cheaper deal, 25 dollars, but I don’t want to become any more entangled with the cable company than I already am. My goal is to have less involvement with them, not more.

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I have T-mobile for about two years now and I pay $25 per line with my dad’s military discount. I think the regular price is $35 for the unlimited service. T-mobile also has a $25 for 55 and older rate if I remember correctly.

Overall, I’m happy with T-Mobile and it was psychologically hard for me to transition to a new company after being with Sprint 30 years. Sprint and T-Mobile merged or one acquired the other, I’m not sure technically the right term for what they did.

T-mobile seems to have better customer service than Sprint, Verizon, Comcast, the list goes on for how many frustrating companies are out there.

I also know people who have celular with Comcast cable, which runs on the Verizon service. I think it’s only $12, but limited data for that cheap. I have no idea how expensive unlimited is. I HATE Verizon so I never considered doing it, plus I personally wouldn’t want my cell phone service mixed in with my internet and TV service, although one bill is nice. I stream TV now, I don’t even use a cable service at this time.

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I have Cricket, also. $30/month, unlimited. I pay 4 months at a time. Have never had a problem. Love it!

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My plan is $9.99 plus $2.99 regulatory fee. Period. It’s 1200 talking minutes and unlimited text and data, but data is only 2gb at current best then slowed. I don’t use data or text so this plan is great for me.

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