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Bandwidth Tracker?

Asked by aanuszek1 (2290points) September 22nd, 2008

Starting October 1st, Comcast is going to be monitoring/capping your bandwidth at 250GBs. Is there a monitor, a free one i should say, that allows me to track how much I’ve used, and then reset it every month?

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In countries that have always limited bandwidth (like my 25GB in Australia) you can see a data usage snapshot on the carriers website under your account details. I don’t know of a program but the web portal works fine.

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Many companies also offer an API of sorts which allows developers to get that download meter and use it in their own applications, so people have created dashboard widgets etc. but I think they are often ISP specific.

I also found this article on Webware which may be helpful.

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You probably remember me from the other thread. I went over the bandwidth cap last month. Turns out I went over the bandwidth cap again this month. I didn’t realize it until it was too late.

Technically, if you are downloading and uploading all the time you can use about 40k up and 40 k down. I worked it out in some calculations. So really if you use your internet a lot then it’s better to have any service beside Comcast. They are going to cancel me this month and I’m going to the ‘no-phone’ dsl that Speakeasy offers.

Anyway, to track my bandwidth I’ve installed IPcop. IPcop is a software router. With the addon server installed you can monitor your internet use with ‘net-tracker’ which is the bandwidth monitor. I’ve set it up in an old 200 Mhz machine that I’ve had sitting around. You really only need two network cards in the machine.

With net-tracker you can break down your bandwidth by upload, download, and by month. You can even set it up to where it will email you when you’re getting close to your limit (i.e. 90%).

My real advice is this, if you think you need a bandwidth tracker, you probably won’t be happy with Comcast.

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You guys think you have it hard-done by? I have a 25GB limit on my bandwidth.

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Thanks for all your help. I’m gonna call Comcast and ask about a meter on their site.

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Good god bluemukaki. Where are you from?

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Australia, we have the worst internet access of the developed world.

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This may do what you want: PandoraFMS I was actually just looking at implementing this for myself to track the websites I manage for defacement and the such.

I would rather scrape my nads on a cheese grater until I looked like lance armstrong before I had a 25gb limit each month. I use that in a day!

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