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Did all states that had mask orders have penalties?

Asked by JLeslie (64649points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Did they have penalties and did any state in the US actually fine or jail people who would not wear masks?

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I don’t know about states, but here in BC businesses could ban you for not wearing a mask and Hospitals still require you to wear one ,and if visiting a hospital you have to show proof of being vaccinated as well.

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I don’t think any states had mask mandates at the state level butI could be wrong.

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@janbb What? Then what was all that uproar about Gov. DeSantis not having a statewide mask mandate in Florida? Followed by the upset when DeSantis did an order that mayors can’t have penalties for people who don’t follow the county mask order?

Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, California, New Jersey, Ohio, just to name a few of the states that had mask orders for over a year, unless I’m just completely misunderstanding what was happening.

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