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Would the Memphis Police Department have reacted so quickly if the officers were white?

Asked by filmfann (51466points) 1 month ago

Regarding the firing and arrest of the black police officers in the murder of Tyre Nichols.

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Yes, of course. Possibly faster even.

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Of course not. They would have done everything in their power to shield the murderers. Falsify reports. delete “mysteriously lose” the video recordings.

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Of course there is no way to ever really know, but past incidents with white officers have shown that, at times it takes years to charge an officer.

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Probably NOT!!! Had it been white officers, the body cams would have been turned off. Plus, they feel fairly safe that there won’t be a riot nor outrage because it can’t be framed as being racially motivated.

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My guess would be no. This is so terrible, how come it takes 5 guys, armed police officers, to beat this man to death. And for what? Reckless driving?

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Hard to say, given the video showing so clearly the excessive force of the police officers. It is interesting that it happened so swiftly though. Would it have happened without that video?

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Even if they’re black, maybe it’ll start a trend for the next time white officers do it in the future.
We’ll have to wait and see, because we all know this is going to happen again and if white officers aren’t swiftly dealt with, we’ll have yet another answer to solidify the notion that we truly live in a white power structure.

You’re not allowed to call it a fact because there’s technically not super clear empirical evidence, only just an inkling or “a feeling”.

The other issue is that it is Tennessee…..I’m showing bias because I’m from a northern state, but I feel southern and midwestern regions have a completely different culture.

Regardless of race, they pride themselves on being vigilantes and “teaching that boy a lesson”.

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I’m just glad they weren’t white. Can you imagine the riots?

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After watching the video, I have several opinions.
These cops deserved to be fired for multiple reasons. They couldn’t control the arrest. They couldn’t control their own tempers. They verged into Keystone Kop territory when they pepper sprayed themselves, allowing Tyre to escape.
Not to mention they killed him.

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