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Do you think AI will lead to fewer online assignments and exams?

Asked by Locke (518points) January 27th, 2023

Yes, I know, another AI question! But i’s what everyone’s talking about right now, and I saw a discussion on YouTube about educators getting rid of essay assignments and online homework, and having tests be oral exams or in-class essays so that ChatGPT can’t be used to cheat. Students who try it often alter the AI-generated text just enough so that it seems believable.

I’m interested to hear from any teachers or students here: has AI already started affecting the way you teach (or learn)? Do you think you’d be fooled by an essay written by ChatGPT or a similar AI?

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You don’t want me to graduate, do you? lol joking, Some may do that to stop the usage of ChatGPT, but if there’s a will there’s a way. Someone will find a way to use it even if it is to write the essay and the student simply reads it aloud. Maybe difficult to prove at least for now, that an AI did the research and wrote it. I’m sure George Santos would never do that…

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Schools adapted to the calculator by making it mandatory, and making exams harder to compensate. In the long run, I expect the same to happen with AI. You will be encouraged to use it, but they will make assignments so difficult that you can not rely on it completely.
The thing with ChatGPT specifically is, it can and will be wrong, and it will do so being utterly convinced that it is correct, so if you do not already know the subject matter you are asking about, you will fall right on your face eventually.

Here is a video demonstrating ChatGPT’s weaknesses:

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I’m not a teacher but I was a reference librarian and I have read that assessments will be changed.

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It is possible that AI could lead to fewer online assignments and exams, as it has the potential to automate certain tasks and make them more efficient. For example, AI could be used to grade essays or multiple choice tests, freeing up teachers to focus on other aspects of their job. Additionally, AI-powered tutoring systems could help students learn and complete assignments on their own, reducing the need for traditional homework assignments. However, it is also possible that AI could lead to an increase in online assignments and exams, as it could be used to create more personalized and interactive learning experiences. Ultimately, the impact of AI on online assignments and exams will depend on how it is implemented and used in educational settings.
Disclaimer: this response was written by an A.I. when I asked it the question.

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Hopefully not. Education should be about what you learn, not how well you do on some test. Motivated students will learn and succeed under any circumstances, failing students will always fail. I’m a high school dropout, kid was accepted to some big time private university. I was kid’s main teacher and tutor. Use any tools you may, the outcomes will always be the same.

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I just had an argument with the bot, about how many “h” are in the word “Habicht”. It kept insisting that there is only one “h” in the word.

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@ragingloli they are right . . there is one “h” and one “H” !

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^^ lol! ChatGPT score 1 point!

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It counted the first h, and not the other one.
In fact, when I asked it, what letter the penultimate letter was, it said “c”.
I asked it, which letter directly precedes the “t”, and it said “i”.
Only after telling it that it was wrong several times, it finally said that the penultimate letter was h.
Then I asked it again how many “h” are in the word, and it still insisted that the answer was 1.
Then I told it to spell the word, with each letter separated by a comma, and told it to count the “h” in that sequence, and it said 2 (finally)
And finally I asked it again, how many “h” are in the word, and only after forcing it to count the “h” in the letter sequence did it finally answer the question correctly with “two”.

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ChatGPT score -1 point ..+1 point..-1 point..+1 point..wait? screw-it! neutral!

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