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Is there a food that you simply won't eat because you can't control yourself?

Asked by smudges (10898points) January 27th, 2023

inspired by @SnipSnip

I don’t eat bacon, fudgesicles, Ritz crackers, Klondike bars, some candy bars, Fritos and a number of other items because once I start I waaay overdo it.

How about you? Any foods that you won’t eat because you can’t contain yourself?

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Entemanns chocolate frosted devils food cake donuts and A&W creme soda.

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Cherry cheesecake.

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I can always stop eating no matter how good something is. But, put a small dish of M&Ms in front of me and you will soon have an empty dish to wash.

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Dried dates

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Unsalted sunflower seeds and stir fry w veggies are my guilt-free splurge’s. Sometimes on Paleo I just need to fill up the tank.

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