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Have you seen or heard any talk about addiction to the new AI toys?

Asked by Jeruba (55116points) 1 month ago

The huge leaps taken recently by AI developers have produced an array of new tools such as the chatbots and the image generators. Now they’re openly available to users. Some people seem to have gone all in with them.

Is anyone seeing actual addictive behavior around them? I’m feeling concerned about it in my family. I’d like to know if it’s being discussed.

This article says “This thing is uncanny. And highly addictive.” But I don’t see that as a problem being taken seriously.

Have you run across any discussion of this aspect of these powerful and compelling software inventions?

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All I know is that I would LOVE to have my own AI like in that movie. I have been looking into image generators but I wouldn’t think I’m obsessed yet. Addictive…you bet! I think it’s the latest thing that will go fire or already has.

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Addiction is bound to happen. When my grandson was about 4, he started asking google number problems. “Hey Google! How much is 100 plus 100?” “200.” “Hey Google! How much is 200 plus 200?” “400.” “Hey Google how much is 5 plus 6 plus 100 plus 8 plus 20 plus…..” And Google would answer. He’d do that for a long time if we let him. We would distract him with something else.
I can’t imagine how strong the pull will be when he starts asking it MarioKart questions.

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Social media, gaming, AI generated images, technology that uses AI in some form or another, the creators all know that keying into people’s tendencies towards addictive behaviors will increase their profits.

There are addiction treatment programs that are treating people who are addicted to this sort of thing.

I would think if it triggers the chemicals in the brain for addiction then it can be problematic, and it seems very likely AI technology does that.

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I have used the new A.I. for extended periods out of curiosity and fascination. But I don’t see me doing this forever.
But there are a lot of extremely lonely people out there. And the fact the A.I. can interact with them on an intelligent level means they will probably become addicted to it. It’s inevitable.
How do I know there’s so many lonely people? It’s obvious: look at all the people who desperately cling to their cellphones hoping for a message or call.

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