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Have you ever attended your high school reunion(s)?

Asked by RayaHope (7091points) 1 week ago

Did you still recognize everyone and was it fun? Do you look forward to them still?

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Nope,and never will.

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Nope,and never will.

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Yes. The first couple of reunions were fun, but then they became a little boring. I probably won’t go to anymore.
I know my mother went to one in her later years, she was in her 70’s, so I’m not sure which one she went to, and she had a blast.

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I only went to my 20 year reunion. No more.

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I only attended one. It was my 60th high school reunion. The interesting thing about it to me was that everyone looked different but didn’t change a bit. My old buddies were as cool as ever the same old wise asses were as obnoxious as ever. I liked talking to the women that I didn’t recognize or remember but they seemed to remember me and were so nice.

The embarrassing thing to me was at the formal dinner where I got to talking too much and food got stuck in my throat. I try to wash it down with water but instead of the food going down it came up all over the table. Couldn’t wait to leave.

Went for a long hike with one of my high school friends the next day up a 10,000 foot mountain (Mt Baldy). That was the best part.

70 year high school reunion happened in 2020 so it was canceled.

Don’t plan on attending any more high school reunions.

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@gondwanalon WOW that was something there.

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All of them. I happen to have the BEST class ever…and beyond. Many of us are friends on Facebook.

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Three times. Not much fun honestly. I wasn’t much of a high school girl. Almost everyone looked great! Most of the people I went to school with aged well so far. I recognized most everyone.

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I recognized them all.

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Nope. I hated High School and I hated the elitist stuck up pricks I went to high school with. I wanted nothing to do with any of them. I attended a private catholic school because my parents thought I needed more ‘discipline’. It didn’t work, but it did take me away from my friends and meant I was with a bunch of clique-ish little social climbers that I didn’t fit in with.

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Several including 50th.

Most people I recognized, some recognized me.

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Most don’t remember me.

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No, not interested in the least. Went to 5 different high schools (9–12), all in different states so never formed an attachment to anyone.

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I never received an invitation. I would go except I live in another city and don’t have a car.

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I went to my 10th yr. The cliques were the same so I quickly got bored and not impressed.

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Yes. I went to my 50th! That was the first one I ever attended and it was great!!! It was so much fun catching up and seeing how things turned out.

Also, after looking around the room I felt pretty good about my general health and body condition. I was a small quiet kid in school not into sports at all. The guys who were jocks and played sports looked awful at the reunion: pot bellies, raspy smoker voices, drinkers.

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Sort of. This is a long story, but me and another organized a 7th grade reunion picnic some years ago.

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Hell to the noooo. Couldn’t wait to graduate from that penal institute. I have been tempted a few times. If only to see a couple gals I used to hang with. But I imagine I can find other ways to connect with them. I exchange emails occasionally with an English girl I knew Jr. High, she lives in Scotland now. Thought that was interesting. Otherwise I have no interest in reunions. I’m still a slacker and I still have issues with authority figures so nothing to really talk to people about anyway. That said, when you graduate I hope you stay in touch with your classmates and go to your reunions. Don’t listen to me I’m a bad influence and a loser. Do as I say not as I do. ; )

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Yes, went to my ten year and had a great time. My twenty year was boring and I left early. That’ll be it for me.

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Yes, all of them. I went to a small K12 rural school. There is an all-school reunion every 5 years over 4th of July weekend. Besides the reunion activities, there is a parade, a stone pit bbq, a fun run, rodeo and fireworks that happen every year.

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No. My high school time was a nightmare. I basically had no friend and everyone there either wanted me gone or wanted something from me. I was miserable almost everyday. Some time ago my high school classmates added me in a chat group for a reunion. I would have been better if they hadn’t done it.

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@smudges thank you so much! (((((Hug back)))))

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One of my classmates had a Birthday the 28th. We all came out of the woodworks to say hay!

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I went to my 20th HS reunion. To set the stage, I moved to the HS I graduated from about 2 months into my senior year. The school only had about 100 people per graduating class and most people had been in school together most of their lives. When I got a call from someone on the reunion committee the conversation went something like “Is this Seawulf?” “Yes it is.” “Did you graduate from City HS in 1978?” “Yes I did.” “Who are you?” ”???” “I’m with the reunion committee and your name was on the list but no one remembered you.” Needless to say I didn’t have a blast at the reunion. I did recognize quite a few people…not from HS but from my life after HS.

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Not exactly Prom King now were you? Are you sure you went to the right reunion? lol I’m joking don’t take this personally. You’re the same age as my grandpa.

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Yes, I went to my 11th (we were too unorganized for a 10th) and I was on the committee for my 20th and 40th. And we are in the process of organizing our fiftieth for this summer.

I had more fun organizing the reunions than attending them, because a few of us got together about ten times for each one.

At my 40th I connected with a woman I had known but never spoken to in HS. We spent the weekend together and ended up having a bit of a fling despite her living a thousand miles away.

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