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Can you trade in an Iphone SE for an Iphone 11 or higher?

Asked by KRD (5047points) 1 month ago

I have an Iphone SE and I want to upgrade later in the year but I don’t know if I can do a trade in. My phone company is Pure Talk if carriers have anything to do with trading in your phone.

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2016 SE not worth a lot !

$50 to $90 in USA.

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At&t will trade in iPhones 12 and later.

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Many places will make a trade, but plan on chipping in $100—$250. IPhone 11’s aren’t cheap.

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Cheaper just to buy an 11 and sell your SE. Good luck getting more than 50 bucks for it, but leasing a phone from a wireless provider has to be a worse deal in the long run.

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