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Is my wine still good?

Asked by give_seek (1425points) January 28th, 2023

I have way too many things in the trunk of my car—things I haven’t disturbed in a year. I recently discovered a bottle of wine buried in my trunk. It’s been there for about a year. No judgement please. LOL!

We have all four seasons where I live. This $15.00 bottle of wine, that was supposed to be a present, has been in my trunk during freezing cold and parching heat. Is this thing safe to drink?

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Safe? Yes. Good? ehhhh… Wine doesn’t like getting hot.

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If it’s not good, you’ll know it immediately.

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It’s probably good… vinegar.

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No, it’s not good. In the trunk of your car it likely got way too hot for way too long. The wine “cooked”. It probably isn’t harmful, but it will taste horrible. Additionally, wine likes to have a steady temperature, not one that fluctuates. At $15/btl I’d just toss it with a reminder to clean my trunk out more often.

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Give it a try rather than just tossing it!
It probably won’t taste like it should but it’s worth the experiment.

A lot of other peoples’ effort went into making that bottle. Growing the grapes, maintaining the fields, harvesting, crushing, filtering, fermenting, distilling, filtering, bottling, labeling, shipping, All for you. The least you can do is give it a try and silently thank them for their work.

Please let us know how it turn out. Vinegar? Maybe you can cook with it. .

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Thanks everyone for responding! My hope was that I could still give it as a present. Now I know, it’s too risky to give away.

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@give_seek Definitely not one to re-gift. You could try it as @LuckyGuy mentions, and if it’s as bad as I suspect it might be, you should have some mushrooms and chicken ready for a coq au vin or a hunter’s chicken.

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White or red? Red will probably be more or less ok. White… Go ahead and pour it out.

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The only thing good would be the empty bottle !

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@give_seek Well? Did you try it? The answer would be a great data point for all of us!

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If it doesn’t stink, it’s still good.
I recently drank a bottle of wine from 1951 and it was delicious.

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I didn’t try the wine. I still have it. It’s in a drawer now. I haven’t thrown it away yet.

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