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Do restaurants that deliver ever give metal utensils?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24648points) January 28th, 2023

To cut down on plastic waste?

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That would add significantly to their cost, or if they didn’t pass the cost on to the customer, it would cut down on the restaurant’s profit.

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@jca2 Oh. Maybe one can have an option to buy plastic, wood, or metal utensils? I don’t know what the price range would be.

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Amazon sells 12 metal forks and spoons for $33 so is about $2.75 Canadian. A restaurant could probably shave some of the cost by buying them in bulk.

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Disposable bamboo flatware would be a much better option. A number of restaurants around here use it.

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@canidmajor Excellent suggestion. One can get a package of 150 for $17. That’s $0.11 each.

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I’ve never heard of one. Maybe some ultra-rich, ultra-swanky restaurant could. But if the metal utensils are being disposed of, the energy and environmental impact of metal utensils is WAY higher than plastic one for one. It’s only because we re-use the metal ones that they’re better.

Obviously, you meant for re-use, but if you’re delivering to someone’s home, they already have utensils. if you’re not, then what are the odds that they return them? Seems inconveneient to the customer. Even if I put some kind of deposit into the transaction that could be recouped when the customer returned the metal utensils…I’m inconveniencing my customer. This is not a winning strategy.

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You can just ask them to not send any plastic utensils and just use your own.

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No idea because I don’t order food to be delivered. It’s been years since I ordered a pizza. Caterers (the two that I actually know and have done business with) do provide foods in stainless steel pans with SS utensils for serving. We return the SS items.

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@canidmajor But that would deplete the already short supply of bamboo.

From 2007,

“As the world clamors for more, bamboo is in short supply. A plant that generally flowers only every 60 to 120 years and then dies is hard to propagate from seed. And growing it by dividing existing plants is notoriously difficult.”

Not to mention it’s the only thing that pandas eat.

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Then hemp. Or pressed wood shavings. There are a number of options that are in use, bamboo was just the first one that came to mind.

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^^ I understand. ;)

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Tell them you don’t want any utensils and use your own.

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