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What space saving tricks for tiny apartments can you suggest?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23478points) 1 month ago

For giggles.

For example:
A bathtub that one can sleep in.
A Murphy bed.
A two in one clothes washer/dryer.
Make use of ceilings for another floor.
Instead of books have audio books and Kindle books.
Have stain resistant fabrics so one can have one or two sets of clothing.
Instead of having a kitchen have all meals take out.
Drink tap water instead of chilling drinks in the refrigerator.

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Throw stuff away that you don’t actually need. Seriously, that’s the number one tip.

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I’ve stayed in hotels in remodeled centuries old buildings that have tiny bathrooms where the entire bathroom is the shower stall with the shower head mounted over or near the toilet. You just need a dry space to hang towels, robes, clothes.

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I use piles of books as bases for my collectible statues on my display table.
I have a heater that is small but powerful and looks stylishly cool.
I have smaller size furnitures.
I throw out things I really don’t need. Except for my wife. lol

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declutter and living minimalistic.

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^^The BEST way to go about it.

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You could free up some space by leaving your apartment and living in your car.

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^^ But then he’d be paying for rent and more gas usage! ;D

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Any place you can, spread up instead of out. So…shelves!

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