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What did you eat last that caused you to comment on it?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (36088points) 1 week ago

Your comment could be either that it was delicious or repulsive. Please provide all the details.

I ate rice yesterday that was a surprise. It was cooked on the stove and not in a rice cooker. The cook added garlic and something secret. It was so ono (delicious in Hawaiian)!

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I had a salad from the cafeteria at work for lunch today.
After a few bites I thought “I bet I get food poisoning.”
I threw it out.

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All I said was that piece of halibut was good enough for Jehova!

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Vietnamese Lobster. Fettuccine | Grilled Lobster Tails | Coconut | Lemongrass | Vietnamese Chile. Served at the Santa CaFe in Santa Fe NM.

Last week a breakfast burrito from El Faro in San Francisco. I noted to a colleague that one of the cooks must have gotten back from her leave because it was the best I had tasted since Thanksgiving (we get breakfast there every Thursday).

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Mashed pumpkin. It was surprisingly not terrible.

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I had some Kurdish food called makhlama with samoon bread and olives today at lunchtime. It was delicious. The samoon bread is like naan only thicker and more doughy and was served cold.

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Binding Mexican.

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@Dutchess_III What is “binding Mexican”?

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That’s what it did to me!

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That’s what I get for trying new foods that I don’t understand.

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Visiting a university, part of it was a complimentary meal in their cafeteria. Great food, awesome selection. Had some Mexican then the salad bar for dessert, among other things. We decided on that university after visiting other colleges. The cafeteria wasn’t the only factor, but was a definite plus. Kid will do fine their this August. Going again next month, looking forward to more of their culinary selections!

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I had turkey meatloaf, and it seemed a bit bland to me. I wondered what could be the cause, and thought of the differences in preparation this time. It could be:
1) The ground turkey might just taste unusual, or not have as much fat as usual.
2) Some of the garlic cloves were a bit old, and I’m not sure what variety they were.
3) The spices used ⅔ part of one spice where the recipe calls for ¾ part.

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I had some Mexican rice that was chicken flavor and my mom added some roasted diced tomatoes and Goya capers and used chicken broth instead of water. It was ONO!! :D

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A rum cake that my daughter made. Interesting and delicious!

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I had the best large pretzel I’ve ever had in my life two days ago. There’s a place in our neighborhood called Madison Sourdough. They make award winning bread and pastries. They currently have a baker who was just named a semifinalist for a James Beard award. This pretzel has a thin, hard outer layer and the inside just melts in your mouth. Most pretzels I buy and pretty tough to eat. I can’t stop thinking about this pretzel! Luckily I only have to travel a mile if I want another one.

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I made Sunday Gravy (actually on Sunday) and had several people over yesterday for a Lasagna meal.
The sauce came out spectacular and the Lasagna was so very good. It is something I learned to make from my Grandmother when I was in my teens.
Funny story of my sauce and lasagna happened when I got divorced years ago. We were splitting house assets and the kitchen items were contentious. We took turns selecting items. We got to about the 4th selection and my ex asked for my sauce and Lasagna recipe in lieu of an item. I simply said “No dice. If you haven’t written it down by now, too bad” Its all in my head anyway..

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@canidmajor I had an aunt who was a devout Southern Baptist teetotaler. Funny thing was she loved to order rum cake for dessert at a certain restaurant.

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Well, the alcohol bakes out so….

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I made a ham and cabbage soup with cheese tortellini last night that was phenomenal. The first time I ever tried it and it is already on our “must do again” list.

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I made gluten-free choc chip cookies this weekend for the first time. Posted a pic of the gf flour and gf chips. They were great!

@Dutchess_III I love the taste of alcohol cakes and dessert sauces, so yummy!

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I went out with my BFF to a new place. I had the Grilled Hawaiian Chicken. That’s one of those dishes here on the East coast that is either horrible or delicious. NOBODY does it in between!!! In this case, it was extremely ono!!! The marinade they used was perfecto. :-]

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@Zaku IMHO turkey meatloaf is NEVER that good as it usually comes out very bland!!! My Mom always used ½ turkey & ½ ground beef & cooked as normal. The ground beef added just enough fat to enhance the flavor while still keeping it in the “healthy” range as compared to an all beef meatloaf.

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^this. The rum is added after baking.

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Have had several Caribbean rum cakes, yes the alcohol is still there.

Some make the syrup first by heating it and add the rum after it has cooled

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Kimchee pancakes at a Korean restaurant in Berkeley. They were yummy with the dipping sauce.

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Chicken gumbo that was outstanding.

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omg I’m just so boring. I’d be afraid to try about ⅓ of the things you guys ate. I haven’t experimented much at all as far as food goes. Good ole boring Americana, which can be delicious, but it’s not…umm…bold or daring! I had Thai food once (which was ono!), and I love various seafood, Italian, and German dishes. But you lose me with Asian and Mexican. If I don’t know what’s in it or how to pronounce it, it worries me. lol

But it just occurred to me…when it comes to sexual experiences, I bet I’d beat you all combined. ;D

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I made some homemade soup a few days ago. I roasted beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, and onions in the air fryer with a spice mix of chili peppers, lemon, and garlic. Then I added all of that to a pot with crushed tomatoes, garlic, oregano, balsamic vinegar, and cocoa powder. I let that simmer on low for about 20 minutes. It was wonderful.

The cocoa powder added a nice savory flavor that balanced the sweetness of the veggies, without making it taste like chocolate.

It was an experiment that went well.

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Umm don’t mess with @Kardamom!

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Last thing I ate that was so delicious I commented about it was a hamburger I made, but you make me realize I’ve been eating a lot of mediocre food lately. I don’t make hamburgers often. I put a little beefy onion Lipton’s powder from the soup packets and a little more salt in the meat. I ate it on a sesame seed bun with ketchup and lots of iceberg lettuce.

If the rice was delicious on its own it probably had a little garlic, plenty of salt, and a little oil or fat of some sort. It’s why Latin American white rice is so good, and it’s frustrating to me that “American” restaurants don’t serve good white rice. Actually, most American restaurants don’t serve any white rice at all, or it’s doctored up with all sorts of seasoning like coconut or cilantro or turmeric or tomato, just cannot be “plain” white rice. It’s so frustrating. Latin American white rice is not plain like typical Chinese white rice which often has nothing added to it.

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@smudges But it just occurred to me…when it comes to sexual experiences, I bet I’d beat you all combined. ;D…why did you have to say this…? uhggg!

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Ever went to a dog pound with a jar of peanut butter?

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@smudges I’m capable of having a good food experience followed by a GREAT sexual experience all on the same night!!! ;-}

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Oh sh! we go….

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Fresh roast moose. I could eat it for dessert!

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@ragingloli No, have you? Honestly?

@LadyMarissa Oh, I combine the food and sex. LOL Kidding! I can’t do much of anything on a full stomach.

@kritiper I think you’ve mentioned roasted moose before and it sounded delicious!

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@JLeslie I love rice. I make it with diced fire-roasted tomatoes, corn, diced onion, garlic and sometimes hamburger, but most often without. Salt and pepper and a little cayenne pepper…mmmm. I make a meal out of just that.

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@RayaHope You’ll know what we all mean when we talk about sex when you’re older. ;)

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I tried some truffle salt on pork loin chops. Salt and pepper and chilled two hours before pan frying in some garlic oil. It was fantastic.

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@smudges Since I don’t even want to touch the sex thing at all. May I direct you to my first answer above since you like rice. :)

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^^ Yes, I saw that. Sounds delicious and very much like what I make!

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Dairy-free mozzarella.

I’ve had a lot of crappy dairy-free cheese. And most of them get kind of wonky when you try to melt them. But this actually tasted pretty good—and actually melted like real cheese!

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