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Which is more attactive, GOOD or EVIL?

Asked by RayaHope (7050points) 1 week ago

I know someone will say, “That is subjective” and I guess it is. So then what is good and what is evil in your words?

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No such thing. It’s a religious construct.

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@Dutchess_III No such thing as evil?
What do you think os this:

That picture makes me want to vomit.

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Disgusting to be sure. Horrifying to our sensibilities for sure.

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The research in psychology suggests evil is more attractive.

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Good for sure. Love your neighbor like yourself, pray good for your enemies, do the right thing even when nobody is watching or will know. So simple.

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@Dutchess_III I can’t comprehend such evil. But such evil exists in some “humans”.

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But then it doesn’t work? All those prayers don’t work?

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@Dutchess_III Surly you know the difference between the two and I would hope you strive for good. This is NOT a religious thing, it is a moral thing and a moral thing comes from within.
@Acrylic GA!! ”Good for sure. Love your neighbor like yourself, pray good for your enemies, do the right thing even when nobody is watching or will know. So simple.” I agree 100%

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I know our perception of what the difference is.

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Good and evil can make sense to talk about, but I think it’s a mistake to think of them as absolute things which would have properties that we could compare so easily. What’s good and what’s evil, is also not an easy question.

Medieval (and modern backward) Christianity likes to reduce good and evil into binary opposition. It appeals to people who want easy answers.

And that is to me, the most obvious example of seductive appeal in this topic. I might suggest that the seductive appeal of reductionism in questions about good and evil, tends to do more evil than good.

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Good every time.

I guess it depends how you define both terms though, especially how you define evil. The Baptists think dancing is sinful, does that make it evil? I think dancing is one of the joys in life. if I were religious I would call it God given.

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To put this in simpler terms, Hitler or Jimmy Carter? Stalin or MLK? You folks decide.

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Love Jimmy Carter.

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Does anybody ever claim to be evil? Everyone thinks that they are acting properly. Hitler believed that he was making the world a better place.

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For me, good is more attractive. Because that is what I strive to be. Now a good guy who has some bad boy vibes is even better.
Evil is a turn off, definately, and a bit juvenile imo.

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Now a good guy who has some bad boy vibes is even you’re talkin’ hehe

@LostInParadise That just proves he was mental. How can you possibly justify murdering so many people? What a monster.

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@LostInParadise People joke it will be more fun partying with the sinners in the afterlife. I never liked that joke, and I think some do think what they do is less than perfect, sinful, or listening to the devil, and choose those behaviors.

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“Evil” is primarily characterised by violence, force, deception and cold calculation.
This is then perceived as strength, cunning, and intelligence. This is what makes it “attractive”.

Meanwhile “good” concepts of compassion, forgiveness and empathy, are seen as weakness, as the “good” person is seemingly subservient to someone else.

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Are you saying that what matters is how an objective is achieved, not that the ends justify the means, but that the means justify the ends? And what is it about “cold calculation” that makes it evil?

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@ragingloli If you needed help, would someone showing you compassion, forgiveness and empathy seem like a weakness to you? I think not. I think it would be MUCH appreciated and wanted.

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Evil is that which plays on the 7 deadly sins and good is that which plays on the 7 heavenly virtues. Typically evil is more attractive to most people because it tends to deal with many things that are secular and often give instant gratification. But in the long run they lead nowhere. Good is less evil because many of the rewards that are produced by supporting this view are more esoteric and ethereal. They make you feel good in the long term.

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Reminds me of the John Berendt book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

The answer is there :)

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The most attractive and irresistible and interesting is Evil dressed up to appear Good.

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Is capitalism good or evil? It is driven by the profit motive. Companies have no real interest in you. They just want your money. Yet, augmented by occasional government adjustment, this greedy enterprise has proven rather successful. The Soviet alternative created five year plans that never met their objectives. After ditching their government controlled approach, Chinese state capitalism has done quite well. The line between good and evil is not so clear.

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