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How can you mine Bitcoin?

Asked by KRD (5031points) 1 month ago

I heard you can get it by “mining” it without buying the bitcoin. How can you mine a digital currency? Is it hard?

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Incredibly expensive, very energy consuming, and SLOW.

You are 3 years late to the party.

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^^^^ That ship sailed 10 years ago.

Bitcoin mining involves a series of calculations that are progressively more computing intensive to validate the next block in the blockchain ledger, and then also perform calculations that demonstrate proof of work.

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I don’t care when it was popular. I just want to mine it. By the way when did it bitcoin become popular?

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@KRD I think the point the above Jellies are making is not about its popularity but about the fact that you won’t be able to make any money doing it now.

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Now you either need very expensive specialist equipment or spend a month none stop using a high end workstation to produce a single coin.

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Bitcoin is pretty much at its max complexity level. It is much easier to mine other cryptocoins.

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@RocketGuy How can you mine other cryptocoins?

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I believe mining means to make the calculators that calculate the value calculate a higher value.

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@KRD – same process as mining Bitcoin: find the algorithm to mine a particular coin then run the program. After a certain amount of time, coins are generated.

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