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What were your general feelings about attending school, K-12?

Asked by NoMore (1924points) 1 month ago

Inspired by a recent Q about high schooler reunions. I pretty much looked on school as a social club. Always liked that aspect of it. The working studying testing part meh, not so much.

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I ENJOYED school itself, but didn’t care that much for some of the kids!!!

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@LadyMarissa My issue was the teachers and principles. The teachers always ratted me out to my mom and dad when they went to those rotten stinking PTA meetings. I always cringed when I saw the headlights in our driveway after they came home from one of those things. Ass chewing time. Couldn’t even relax and watch my Lone Ranger reruns.

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Following up on that the teen age girl who watched us while they were at the school usually ratted on me too. “He kept tossing his baseball at the back door and didn’t come in when I told him to!” Oh yeah make me the bad guy. That was double trouble. Why was everybody always picking on me?

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I love school and my friends are the BEST! I also love (most) test and final exams are my specialty! Last year I aced my Biology final. Math not so much. dang I have to go.

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@NoMore I NEVER enjoyed being punished, so I seldom did things that would bring on punishment. Hence, I left no one with the option to rat on me. I also NEVER had a babysitter as my Mom didn’t believe in them, so NO babysitter to rat on me either. I did find the kids to be brutal & I didn’t care for many of them!!!

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Well no wonder if they were cruel to you. Sorry to hear that @LadyMarissa

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I was just incorrigible I suppose. But I hated cruelty and I was never mean or cruel to other kids. I just had a habit of encouraging people to do dumb shit that they shouldn’t have been doing. My bad.

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@RayaHope have a great day Raya! Work hard in school today I always did! And if you believe that I have some nice lake front property in the Mojave Desert, cheap!

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Hated it. There were lots of girls to look at, which was all right…

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I hated school,it took me away from my off road motor cycle, dirt biking was what I lived for up until my early twenties when I found girls fun to chase.

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Loved it ! Student teacher in Algebra and student conductor in symphony band. Voted male student with most school spirit in senior year, went to more away games than anyone, except the teams.
Senior year I was the only student the administration trusted with the keys for the soda and ice cream machines, in the cafeteria, to open them after school ended. (Also collected all the money and turned it in the principal’s office).

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I HATED waking up early for school. I look back at K-12 as mostly being dragged out of bed when I wanted to sleep more, and as you probably know sleep deprivation is an actual form of torture.

Overall, I think I had great teachers and a great assortment of classes both required and elective. I learned a lot in spite of rarely reading a book and often being tired. Thank goodness for science and math and also for teachers in every subject who could teach a decent lesson up in front of the class.

In jr high friends started to drink alcohol and hang out at parties and that continued through high school and that was not my gig at all; so school, and especially after school, started to become more lonely.

Eventually, I got a job and those friends didn’t drink and later a boyfriend who drank, but he didn’t care if I didn’t and he wasn’t at parties every weekend and best of all we would go out dancing. Luckily, Washington DC drinking age was still 18 when I was in school. I was only 16 when I started going out (fake ID) but I don’t think I easily would have passed for 21. I was more and more separated from school friends when I was going dancing and they were at house parties getting drunk and fooling around. Remember I wasn’t drinking I was dancing.

I was able to complete high school mid year (December) my senior year. I missed out on the opportunity to complete an AP class I was in because I wanted to get out of high school so badly. Get out of having to go to the building 5 days a week. In retrospect I think that’s really a shame.

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I loved it and my friends as well as most of my classes after sophomore year. Plus I was a suck up office worker so the teachers loved me. College was a whole different situation.

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@NoMore Cool, we may be interested! I see there are a few nice ones. ;)

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If you can, attend or have your kids attend a private school.

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Between the bullying and a miserable home life, it was pretty awful overall.

On the bright side, my parents transferred me to a private school, and things went better there.

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I enjoyed going to classes and got good grades.

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@snowberry Sad to hear about your home life. So many folks on here say that. I had a great home life, I was just a con artist. My parents wanted me to do well in school and I could do it when I wanted to. But I was more interested in sand lot baseball with the buds and getting home to watch TV. I’d step it up until the pressure was off, then go to F’ing off again. Too dang much work involved in getting good grades. And teachers liked me and would often cut me a break whereas they wouldn’t have done that for other kids. Not fair to other folks, yeah I get that. But it is what it is. Don’t know what to tell ya.

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@NoMore Thank you. I’m always caught off guard when I hear somebody say they had good memories from school. Somehow it’s just hard for me to wrap my mind around.

It’s nobody’s fault that my home life was so bad. My folks were excellent parents but my mother had a horrible disease that went undiagnosed for many years. When it was finally diagnosed she found she was dying by inches. In the meantime she suffered a lot, and because I was an only child sometimes it was my job to help her get dressed, etc. I didn’t mind helping her get dressed or bring her food. The hard part was watching her suffer so.

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School was so fun I even got to take one grade over again. I didn’t know anyone and the teachers were kinda like trolls that wanted to eat my soul and the kids were parasites that didn’t even know I was there, unless I was called on and then all eye were on me and I simply wanted to disappear. fun times :/

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Exactly @Dig_Dug I have never understood how in your and my experiences that school taught us to be “social”, which is one of the big arguments for putting a child in school. From my experience at least, school does provide a wonderful platform for bullies.

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^^ Perhaps school is a “testing” ground to see who will make it in society as leaders and who will be the gofers and who will fail. See how much crap a kid can handle until he either breaks or conforms. Kinda like Pink Floyd’s The WALL!

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