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What does everyone think of David Blaine's current attempt to hang upside down for however many hours he's doing it for?

Asked by deaddolly (3431points) September 22nd, 2008

Do you find it stupid or interesting? Would you do something similar? What would you do and why?

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I feel like that man didn’t get enough hugs from his mother growing up. I couldn’t be less interested.

How about you sit in a lab day in and day out and try to cure something. Maybe then I’ll be impressed.

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Yea really. It takes more then walking on water and coming back from the dead to impress me. Hanging upside down? Yawn.

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I’d like to see you hang upside down for 60 hours! :)

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I wouldn’t hang upside down for 60 hours just like I wouldn’t stand on one foot for 60 hours. No one cares. I could probably move a beach one piece of sand at a time if I worked on it my entire life. I won’t do it because it’s trivial and the stupidity involved borders on insanity.

It’s not hurting me in any way so I respect his right to do it but the publicity around it is inane.

I helped a stranger change a tire. My friend the social work helps family’s get back on their feet and off the streets. Don’t do something nice if you want people to be excited. Do something stupid.

I’ll tell you what would impress me, if David Blane did some magic trick that helped someone have a better life. Donate money. Adopt a kid. If his hanging upside down could cure cancer, then I would be impressed.

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@ Bodyhead- I agree with you. that was my point just not as well composed. =)

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That’s actually a great idea, maybe he should get people to donate money for every hour he isolates himself from the rest of the world.

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I agree with bodyhead (is this a first?). It bores me…but the publicity is so annoying. Tho, it’s a change from politics.
I was just wondering how everyone else felt….glad I’m not the only one that could give a yawn.

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boring… Unless he falls.

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I’m sure it will just be a dummy hanging there the whole time. No matter if he really does it himself or not.

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I’m surprised, really.

People didn’t say such things, when Harry Houdini did a similar stunt, in the 1920s.

The times, they have changed…

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That’s an unfair comparison. Hanging upside down in a Chinese water torture device in a straight jacket and escaping is different from just hanging upside down.

David Blane is hogwash when compared to Harry Houdini. He was amazing both in skill and showmanship. If Harry Houdini had come out on stage and simply hung upside down for 60 hours, his public would have demanded their money back.

The same way a child beating on pots and pans is not music, David Blane does not impress.

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I don’t pay attention to anything he does. I really don’t care about it at all.

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omg…help me please, I’m agreeing with bodyhead AGAIN.

Houdini did it all and he did it first. Blaine seems to do things for the pubility factor…

They say you can go blind by hanging upside down for that long. He’s kinda of like an Evil Kenevil type. ????

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All David Blane does is use illusion to fake endurance challenges. It’s just not that interesting.

A good comparison would be this:
Evel Knievel jumped 19 cars with his Harley-Davidson XR-750 in Ontario, California.

If David Blane jumped 1 car 50 times, it doesn’t make it more impressive. It makes it less impressive.

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Its a bit of shame really as I used to love Blane’s street magic.

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I miss the days when David Blaine did Street Magic. That was awesome, and a lot of fun to watch. His current career as a…. I don’t even know what to call it. He’s an “Endurance Artist” I guess. It’s just far less interesting. Sure, it’s impressive that he is willing to put his body through these things and even more impressive that people watch and he’s able to secure sponsorships. But just not that interesting.

I wish he would just go back to magic though, to be honest.

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Agree. So, why does he do it? Just as a pr stunt to get ppl to come to his magic shows?

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@ Deadolly: Like I said above, I expect a lack of attention as a child.

I was talking to some people at work today about this question, only one stood up for him. The rest came to the conclusion that if risking his health for endurance stunts shortens his lifespan then they are all for it, so long as they don’t have to hear about it in the meantime. A bit sad, really.

It kind of reminds me of those ‘friends’ that sometimes flt in and out of your social circles that aren’t that well liked because they try so hard, in high school particularly. The way they were talking about him anyway. Just sayin’.

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Yeah, kinda sad no one cares. I wonder if he gets sponsored by something. Is he hanging by his Nikes???

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i heard that the next thing he’s practicing for is to stay awake longer than any human. he’s exercising a lot and trying to condition himself.

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@jca – sounds like a yawn…

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