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Any kiwi plant experts out there?

Asked by gondwanalon (22144points) 1 month ago

I have neglected and overgrown 8 year old kiwi plants that have never have been given a proper pruning. It is now a huge mess. 2 female plants and 3 male plants.

See here:

What should I do to tame this beast and stimulate it to generate lots of fruit. How and where do I start?

I’m thinking that I need to pretty much cut it way back to the scaffold branched (I think that they’re called “cordons”) and start over.


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I had several that I plated as climbers on my chimney. You do need to prune them annually as they get crazy. My Home insurance company made me do it one year when they saw it encroaching on the top of the chimney. They even creep into the siding and roofing.

I cut mine way back each spring. It is a huge job. I trim it at least 6 inches away from anything like siding, cable/electric wires, roofing.

The fruit will come on their own.

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@Forever_Free Thanks a lot. I had no idea how much work that kiwi plants require in order to control them and induce fruit generation. As huge as these plants are they produce very little fruit (only 10 to 12 each year). The plants obviously put all their energy into vegetative growth.

Got to get started with meticulous pruning while the plants are in winter dormancy. Might be surprised with lots of fruit in the fall.

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