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Do you remember how to dance?

Asked by smudges (9372points) 1 month ago

Just for fun… Do you remember doing this? or something like it?

Reminisce with us. 8)

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Absolutely. Good times.

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I never knew how to dance. This is me:

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I was just telling someone last week that clothing seems so much more conservative than when I was young. Look how short her mini dress is in the video! Lol. Maybe young people still wear mini dresses and I’m unaware.

I remember women dancing like that when I was little. Go-go boots, Pucci fashion. Awesome. I listen to ‘60’s and ‘70’s music all the time where I live, and once in a while some people in the audience dress the part.’70’s was more bell bottoms and platform shoes.

I dance almost every day.

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Absolutely. It looks like my sister was caught on cam again.

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“When George is embarrassed for you, that’s a problem.”
I dance like that. But not since the 70’s.

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@Jonsblond Ohmigosh! Jerry in his puffy sleeves, and that guy playing music lowers his sunglasses to look at Elaine. Love her as Elaine, love her as Old Christine!

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@chyna 30 minutes later and I just figured out who “George” is! Takes me a minute. LOL

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Indeed. We still like to dance, but not exactly like that.

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Mostly a booty shaker here, but I’m definately better than Elaine. I have always enjoyed dancing from clubs to ballroom, never been a showstopper though. :)

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I never could dance, except to this song

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7th and 8th grade, student instructor for Cotillion classes.

By 8th grade I could do 200+ dance steps / breaks in Cha Cha, Foxtrot, Waltz, Lindy, Samba, Tango and Mambo !

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I love to dance/move to music. I’d love to learn actual dances because I don’t really know any. Ballroom dancing…now that would be something! I think I’ll see if there are dance classes here.

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@Tropical_Willie That’s Awesome. You’re in Hawaii right?

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Nope Eastern North Carolina and the Cotillion classes were in Los Angeles with two times on local TV.

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Do I remember how to DANCE? I think so!

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