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Why would Facebook take away its users ability to delete notifications by simply swiping them to the left then pushing a delete button?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27991points) 1 month ago from iPhone

That was a much faster way to delete many notifications.
That feature is all gone. Now one has to push a three-button icon first then push another “remove notification” button. Which takes more time.

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Sounds like someone in R & D has time on their hands and is trying to find things to do so they don’t get fired. Seems like every time I get a computer update there’s new ways of doing old things – and it’s usually a hindrance and pain in the ass.

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In actuality, one doesn’t need to delete FB notifications. Once you check them they stop being highlighted, They just scroll off after some time. So it may have freed some processing by eliminating the swipe delete.

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Who knows why Facebook does any damn thing. They need to put limits on the stupid freind requests a person can get, still get swamped with them almost every week. Don’t know those women from Adam. Maybe fix it to where you only get one a month. Better yet none. Except for people who agree to put up with that crap.

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@NoMore Try changing your privacy settings for who can send you a request and you won’t get so many. And you do know that they’re not really women, don’t you?

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FB is stupid.

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@zenvelo Pretty sure I’m not the only one who has a need to delete all of them. And in the fastest way possible. There are notifications for “Likes” for a certain post and I do ignore them, now that I can’t easily swipe and delete anymore. I would always check a “Comment” notification by reading the comment and immediately do a swipe-delete. Really easy and quick process until they took out that very efficient and convenient feature.

Why the need to delete? Because several posts, made in four different groups, especially those with several photos could generate a ton of notifications. Scrolling down to sort out the “Comment” notifications from the “Like” notifications takes precious minutes. And could make one’s eyeballs hurt. Swiping-delete each and every notification does the job faster.

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@mazingerz88 at the top of Notifications, there are two things you can click on, “All” and “Unread.” If you click on “unread” it will sort them by things you haven’t yet seen, and then that makes it easy to see.

I do what @zenvelo said, I just leave them there and scroll down. In time, new ones go to the top and there may be some in my list that I haven’t looked at, but they get pushed to the bottom.

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@NoMore Make sure when you don’t accept those people’s friend requests, you also block them by clicking on “block.” That way, those same people can’t keep trying.

Make sure your privacy settings are set to “friends only” and not “public.”

Never, ever accept a friend request from someone you don’t know.

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@jca2 Yup I’ve learned that I’m on my own as far as that crap goes. Ever since my experience with the “Morrocan Princess” who wanted me to buy her a plane ticket to Austin so she and her mom could come live with me. Lol yeah lady I’ll get right on it. That’ll fly like a lead balloon. FB has no prob with these clowns but say something negative about Orange Moron and get some conservative butt hurt and they’re all on that like flies on crap.

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Don’t even communicate with these people, @NoMore. Block them and block their messages.

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I’m doing that @jca2, now if I could block comments from the Trump Cultists I’ll be doing all right.

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Just unfollow or unfriendl those people @NoMore. Your news feed is what you make of it.

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All I want to is obsess on unusual looking birds and interact with friends. Point taken @Dutchess_III All good

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