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We have a new member of the 10K club! Please offer your articulate, properly spelled and punctuated congratulations to the doyenne of the collective, gailcalled!

Asked by Harp (19166points) September 22nd, 2008
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And with intelligence, style, charm, grace, and wit every step of the way. Yay, @gailcalled!

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WooHoo! A bottle of bubbly cheers sent your way….

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Thanks, but how come no-one showed up to empty Milo’s litter box this AM? Hollow praise, indeed, (but I do appreciate it.) In some ways, I think that perhaps the lurve issue raises more problems than it solves.

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Fantastic, once again a wonderful contributor to the community and I for one am grateful for her input, as I am sure many are.

Especially with helping me to improve my supposedly native English skills!

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Congratulations! I stand in awe of your achievement.

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Congratulations, @gailcalled! I appreciate your gentle, informative, and spot-on contributions.

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Problems with edit.

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And here’s to 10,000 more!

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gail, what was it like back when Fluther was just a few specks of jelly spawn drifting in the primeval seas?

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Mazal Tov! You are so superfragilisticexpialadocious (sp?).

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Woohoo! Congrats!

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@Harp; Everyone was either family, close friends or Brown Grads. Less sturm und drang. Is that good or bad? I’m not sure.

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There seemed to be a lot of questions about manicures for some reason!
Was wading through old questions and thought that puzzling.

And I still wonder if Andrew’s mom ever fixed that faux fur silver fox jacket?

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Overachievers & Lurve Magnets.
Nice one, Harp.

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Congrats… you feel the lurve????

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Amen, sister. Ah feel it, ah feel it…

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<<<<was busy with HRH’s weekly pawacure, otherwise I would have been their they’re there with bells on my toes to clean out his royal facility.

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J’applaudis votre accomplissement.

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Well deserved, Gail.

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Congrats Gail; It’s funny as I remember not even a year ago, some of the high-points folks reaching 800 or so points, and we were thinking “wow, gail and jp are going to soon break 1000! What’s going to happen now-is the site going to crash?!” at least that’s what I was saying to myself and here we are at the 10K mark.

Happy 10K and many thousands more!

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Wow! Congratulations!

I know I look forward to your posts, it’s always a slightly different take.

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You’re number is “bullish.” Congrats!!

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Celebrate! The box can last at least one more day.

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Gale your the best. Congraduations!

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congratulations!!!! here’s to 10,000 more!! you have taught me a lot about many things, including proper English. hazzah!!

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Congratulations Gailcalled! I would say more, but I fear that I might screw up per the guidelines of the question, too much pressure. :0)

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Sorry, marissa. “Congratulations Gailcalled!” hardly clears the “articulate” bar. Penalty box for you.

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At least marissa didn’t use any misspellings or run-on sentences, and she did use proper punctuation. Can’t you give her credit for that, Harp?
But it is your discussion, and we bow to your judgment, just pleading for a consideration, that’s all.

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Ahhh…OK, but only because I’m a softy. I’ll let her off with a warning.

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Alright Harp, you asked for it

Gailcalled, I’d like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you for your incredible achievement. I am in awe of your accomplishment. Your answers have set an example that more should follow. Thank you for all you add to this cyber community. I consider it an honor to be part of the same cyber community as you.

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marissa, marissa…. the prefix “cyber” is just that- a prefix. Oxford gives us the choice of either hyphenating it with the root word or not, but using it as a standalone word is simply out of the question. You force me to flag your answer out of consideration for gail’s sensibilities. I truly regret that you’ve put me in this position. Stand by and await the moderator’s wrath.

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… marvelously articulate, though

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Oh, goodness, your use of hypen instead of em dash and full stop after ellipsis? How could you?

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I tried to warn you that I would screw it up.

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Quick. marissa, edit alright to all right.
At least marissa tries and doesn’t get in a hissy fit when corrected.

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andrew, were you attempting to form a complete sentence there?

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Yeah, someday she’ll talk good.

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I just posted a question for you brilliant individuals.

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Oh, Gail. How did I miss this? I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t noticed you were this close to rolling over the odometer. Somebody spank me, please.
Anyway, CONGRATS! Wish you could cash it in for something.

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Thank you for all the advice you give. Best wishs to you.

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Best wishes to you.

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Oh beautiful Gail, you have shaped many minds here in the great sea of jelliferous
learning and information exchange, and have been lurved into well-earned stardom.
What new thoughts would you like us to consider? Tell us o wise one. We are waiting.
bows low to the ground and offers frankincense and myrrh

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Let us prepare to pass the baton to johnpowell. I loved being Queen-for-a-day. Thank you all again. I have made some dear friends here and many wonderful acquaintances. Did I have an unfair advantage? I think so, having been on fluther for a long time and having lived long enough to know a lot. (However, I should get bonus points for having been completely computer-illiterate until 1998.)

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Gail, the ghost of Jack Bailey is at your door with a new washer and dryer!!!!
(Wondering how many reading that understand what it means.)

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Before my time but I believe he was the host of QFAD. Brownie points or am I wrong?

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Chuckster, it was on (in the original format) until 1964. You weren’t around yet? It had a short-lived revival in about ‘69, but with a different host. I believe it was where the applause-o-meter originated.

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Guys, I never heard of him until 30” ago, altho I remember Queen For a Day.

The radio programs were considered a treat and were rationed. There was the Sunday night line-up (Jack Benny, Phil Harris, Duffy’s Tavern) and a few radio soaps for the rare times that I was ill and not in school.

We didn’t get a TV until early fifties – Ed Sullivan, Jackie Gleason, Lucy…I was in HS by then and out of the house most of the time, except for studying, sleeping and meals. The screen was the size of a small laptop and the housing the size of a small house.

Harp kindly called me “doyenne;” perhaps “dowager” is better.

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I was around but pretty young. I turned three in 1964.

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Here I am, late to the party. I was not Fluthering today. There is only one gailcalled, I dub thee Queen for the Collective. Congratulations on your achievement in passing the 10,000 point ceiling. As you will now note, the water, ether, or whatever the medium of the collective is pretty much the same over here.

C’mon, johnpowell, we saved you a brew.

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Mama Gail, you rule.

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Congratulations Gail !!! Another well deserved 10K member. How’s the view from up there? and i am sorry i missed out on you being queen for a day. maybe you should be queen for one more day?

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