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Why would a whole conversation disappear?

Asked by honeybun35 (702points) 1 month ago

I have a chat on Instagram with someone. When I hit the msg button from their profile it has disappeared. When I am out of their profile and search msg then I see the whole conversation.

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Please tell me you intend to delete this whole conversation at some point to make it disappear.

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You seem to be very involved with the minutiae of internet interaction. I hope there are other things that occupy your time.

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Sounds like a glitch. Does it always happen or just once in a while?

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Only saw it once w one person.

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I’m not familiar with Instagrab, but perhaps pressing the MSG button takes you to a fresh screen for composing your new mess.
That way, you have a clearer screen for writing it.

If you need to see the extant chat while you’re composing the new message, you could copy and paste the extant one onto the MSG screen.

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That’s not how that works. Update though it is back. When you go to profile and hit msg your conversation is there. It would show if I searched msg. Hard to explain if you don’t know IG.

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