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Have you noticed how well Tesla stock has been doing lately?

Asked by LostInParadise (31106points) 1 month ago

I don’t own any shares, but Tesla is among the stocks I keep tabs on just out of curiosity. Tesla did awful last year, but in the last month it has gone up by about 50%. For those who play the stock market, there is a tendency to buy a stock when its price drops, but I read somewhere that you do better by buying when the price of the stock is going up, since it is likely to continue doing so. If I had followed that advice for Tesla I would have done quite well.

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I hadn’t, but I’m not surprised. They’re selling electric cars as fast as they can make them, and Musk’s batshit insanity hasn’t been in the news as much lately.

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TSLA has recovered its exposure to Musk’s Twitter financing to be back where it was in early November. Much of the sell off into December was in response to Musk having to sell TSLA stock.

TSLA is also responding well to an expansion of the EV tax credit. But it has a long way to recover to where it was last summer. And Musk’s head is not in to the long term management of TSLA. The prototype TSLA truck looks interesting but not as a truck one would buy to do real work.

All in all, the best, most optimistic guesses on TSLA over the course of the next year is maybe another 10% rise in stock price.

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I just looked at Tesla Friday. I haven’t looked at it in a few months. I was surprised to see it was doing as well as it was. Clorox also suddenly jumped up. I started watching that when covid hit.

I figured TSLA maybe went up because California is making more goals for getting off from using gas. I heard California will only allow electric cars and electric stoves by some future date. Sounds extreme to me, even though I think all houses in the bottom third of the US should be built with solar panels.

TSLA makes solar roofs.

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The stock price has slid recently. In my make-believe purchases and sales, I ended up a little bit ahead, but only because I had the good luck to do a sale near its most recent high point. I definitely do not regret not having made any actual stock purchases.

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