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Is there a single word for thinking while walking?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (36575points) 1 month ago

I think I heard this word eons ago and have forgotten it.

Walking and thinking. Walking a bit aimlessly lost in thought.


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@RedDeerGuy1 That’s a superb word, but it lacks the element of thinking while moving about. At least, it lacks that when I looked it up.

Edit to add: I just looked it up again, and you are correct!!

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@Hawaii_Jake Where did you find a definition that equals walking and thinking? Everything I found simply said “travelling from place to place” with nothing about thinking.

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The closest I found was from reddit: “In dutch there is a word for this, ‘ijsberen’, which would literally translate to ‘polarbearing’. I think it only covers it if the pensive walking is done anxiously.”

or also from reddit: Perambulate is a kind of lazy, wistful walking, during which one might chew some lazy wistful thoughts.

also from reddit, and I really like this one, but don’t think it’s a word, but we could adopt it as one: cognambulate. Isn’t that great?!

And this bit of wisdom from Sometimes a single verb does not suffice, and one must break convention by inventing new words.

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@smudges I got it from vocabulary dot com: Link.

It explains that the word means to describe how Aristotle taught his students.

I was also thinking of the word perambulate.

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^^ I see, but it still doesn’t quite satisfy me. I read similar definitions on other sites regarding Aristotle, and I guess if you’re walking and teaching, then you’re also thinking about your words.

But when I found out my brother had died, I walked almost without realizing I was walking because I was so deep in thought. My mind was working harder than my feet.

At any rate, if it satisfies you, that’s what counts since you wrote the question! I still like cognambulate. 8)

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I am open to other words. I’m not completely satisfied with peripatetic.

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Are you thinking of “meander”?

It doesn’t mean walking and thinking at the same time. Though it could describe both. Fits “walking a bit aimlessly lost in thought”.

If it’s not “meander”, this is going to give me a brain itch.

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I don’t think there is a word that means both things. I’ve been waling around the house and wracking my brain….....

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@gondwanalon That doesn’t mean walking as well.

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@janbb To me it does. I frequently go on long walks through the wood and along the beach and my mind wonders though it’s own walks through time and space.

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Parkour requires lots of thinking while moving.

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Well, “pacing” might fit the situation, in the sense of walking back and forth or in a little circle, deep in thought. It’s often associated with problem-solving. But I don’t think it’s a tight fit for your application, which sounds a bit more like ruminating while strolling rather than an intense thinking session on foot.

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@Jeruba Gets my vote. GA!

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I think the has it right: Sometimes a single verb does not suffice, and one must break convention by inventing new words.

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@smudges I love making up words! But I think OP is asking for help to recall a specific word. Collective help to scratch his brain itch. :P

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^I was looking to recall a word, but making up new ones is fun!

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Musandering? A made up word.

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This was the first word that came to mind when I saw this q. I looked it up to see how accurate my recall is gives a second definition on this word:
to traverse in order to examine or inspect.

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@Strauss Aha pretty close, but then the question arises, does that mean to examine something external like a broken fence or missing shingles or does that really mean to think internally?

I still question whether there is one word.

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Thank you, @Strauss. I also thought of that word and was unaware of that definition. I appreciate the included definition. I am also unsure of its ultimate match with internal thinking processes, but it and peripatetic are good words.

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Engrossed doesn’t cover the walking part. 8\

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How about distracted? Like distracted driving, but walking.

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Good suggestions, but peripatetic and perambulate are best.

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Good words. They don’t mean thinking, though.

I don’t think there is a single word for that idea in English.

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@Hawaii_Jake I think Jeruba has the last word on this question, I’ll just add this which I heard this morning on the BBC. I hope it interests you too.

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