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What's the best mp3 player for kids?

Asked by carvar03 (9points) September 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

just brought a mp3 for my 9 yr old daughter birthday but looks like you need a degree to use it. Any suggestions.

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Maybe a Barbie Girl?
I think they were Mattel’s hottest item last Christmas.

The mp3 player looks like a doll.
And you can buy outfits and accessories that snap on.

When you dock it, you can also go online to create your own little Barbie world
(using Barbie bucks that you earn from playing games), etc.

The good/crazy part is you probably don’t even need to figure it out yourself.
I’d bet your 9-year-old could. It’s crazy how computer savvy they are these days.

Only thing is…that was last Christmas.
Besides being computer savvy, kids are fickle these days.
Who knows what is cool now?
I have been informed by my niece that she is no longer into Mylie Cyrus. Wasn’t that like two seconds ago?

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For ease of use? There’s only one.

Well, maybe two.

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Now that is intuitive design.

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Well I’m probably gonna get myself lynched for this but… iPod nano.

Apple’s player may have it’s faults but the simplicity of the user interface ain’y one of them.

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Ipod shuffle is as basic as it gets, but is a little pricy if you don’t think your child can take care of it. If you think she is responsible, then you should look into them. It comes in many colors, and is under $80.

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When I think of little kids and mp3 players, durability comes to mind before ease of use.

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Good idea with the durability, but $240 for a four year old player with only 256kb isn’t the best deal. If there is a less exspensive updated model, look into it.

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Wasnt recommending the device, more less the idea. Just an example
Also, I think you mean megabytes :)

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