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Who's more likely to have their car vandalized?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) September 22nd, 2008

Which of the following bumper stickers for presidential candidates do you think would invite the most keyings for the host vehicle:

(in alphabetical order)
John McCain / Sarah Palin
Barack Obama / Joe Biden
Ron Paul
– Any third party you can think of.

Why do you think that is? Does such a thing weigh into your consideration for supporting your choice of candidate with a bumper sticker?

Feel free to extend this to homes with yard signs.

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All bumper stickers inspire vandalism or at the very least, police attention. I would rather have a blank bumper then have a cop want to pull be over because of a difference in politics.

I’m sure all the candidate stickers get keyed some but people emotions really go crazy when they see a pro-life or pro-choice bumper sticker. They are probably the most likely victim of vandalism.

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Regardless of what it says, they’re all kind of annoying.
I’d have to agree with the head. More likely to be vandalized.

Though I did see one that made me chuckle.
It said (in very small print): Please don’t hit me.

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I know what kind of morons my generation currently has and considering Obama has more young voters… I would think that passion and youth might get mixed in with vandalism as I se that as more of a young persons option leading to broken windows on Mccain cars. Especialy in my area (wash dc metro). That being said I’ve never heard of anyone I know having their car vandalized for something so silly at least no one I know.

Then again, I’ve seen responsible adults act like spoiled children so…

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