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What is your favorite Facebook application, and why?

Asked by Rickisgirl (285points) September 22nd, 2008
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Scramble. I have great memories of playing Big Boggle with my family.

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Translation. I’m still enjoying English (Pirate).

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Friend Wheel.
I get more excited about updating my friend wheel than actually having a new friend on Facebook.
I love seeing the relationships mapped out. And it’s so organized! The OCD in me just has a little orgasm.

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Scrabblous. I’m a word nerd.
Alas, it has been banished.

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Scrabulous was absolutely my favorite. Too bad it’s been banned. Word Twist, Scramble, and Word Scraper are poor substitutes.

I like the Friend Wheel, too.

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I miss Scrabulous, too! And the Scrabble application sucks.

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Pieces of Flair… To show off who I really am…

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Bumper Sticker. Honestly, my friend and I send them to each other pretty much daily. Sometimes we get a little out of control and end up sending too many each day. Bumper sticker overload. Scratch that last sentence – there is no such thing as bumper sticker overload.

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Pirates Rule the Caribbean!

Probably because it lets me attack folks with abandon and steal their gold, something I have no hope of doing in real life.

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Texas Hold’em!

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