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Has one of Jeff Foxworthy's "Redneckisms" ever been true of you?

Asked by JackAdams (6515points) September 22nd, 2008

In case you may not know of Jeff Foxworthy, this rustic American comedian has a so-called “test” to determine if you are a redneck, similar to this one.

The one that applied to me (several years ago), was “Have you ever ‘made change’ from the collection plate in church?”

Most definitely. I put in a $20 bill, and took out a $10 bill and $5 bill.

So, as regards to YOU, has Good Ol’ Boy Jeff ever mentioned YOU in his act? (Remember, we don’t know who you really are, right?)

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Well shoot fire, yeah! (spits big wad of chewing tobacco onto the dirt floor of the one bedroom house) Ever darn joke he cracks rings true to us here in Ar-Kansas. Yee-Haw!

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OK, technically, yes. “You have to go outside to get something out of the ‘fridge”.

I have a spare fridge in the basement, and the only entrance to the basement is an outside door, so I do have to go outside to get to it.

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My parents gave me one of those old console TVs, it’s a 27” TV, but it’s in a big faux wooden cabinet…not really sure why we ever agreed to take the damn thing, thought a TV in the basement to put in front of our treadmill would be a good idea I guess. Well, anyway, the thing had been a piece of junk from the time they bought it, what it would do is it would suddenly turn off, and in order to get it to work again, you’d have to unplug it for a few hours…and that would sometimes fix the problem. They’d had it fixed under warranty a couple times and at their own expense a couple times, and eventually at a point when they said it wasnt’ doing that, they brought it down to my house and we put it in the basement. Well, of course it started doing that thing again.

Then at some point, we ended up deciding to take a smaller TV, like maybe a 19” that was in a guest bedroom where no one was using it, and put that downstairs. So, being that where it would get watched would be in front of the treadmill, where this other TV we weren’t using anyway was already sitting, and being that this TV was about the right height for a stand for the smaller TV, we put the small TV on top of the big TV.

Not being huge Foxworthy fans, it wasn’t until we watched the Blue Collar Comedy Tour on DVD against our better judgement, Jeff said, “if your TV stand is another TV, you might be a redneck.” OK Jeff, you got me….bastard.

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Harp, it sounds like you are describing one of them-there storm cellars, right?

As I recall, they were originally intended to be rented out as a kind of “apartment” during the depression years, yet constructed in such a way, that any occupant of one would not have any access at all to the main part of the house, as a “security measure.”

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Had to look that one up.
I might be a redneck because:
– You’ve ever barbecued Spam on the grill.
– You’ve been too drunk to fish.
– You’ve ever made change in the offering plate.
– You grow Vidalia onions rather than considering them a gourmet item.
– You’re a lite beer drinker because you start drinking as soon as it gets light.

And I wish this one were true:
– You have an Elvis Jello mold.

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I have an Elvis Jello mold!!


then again, id be a complete groupie for him if this was 1964

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You DO NOT have an Elvis Jello Mold!!!

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eBay bitches!
pretty sure it was made in the 70s it’s very “50s” elvis, my fave

I live there. I once got a handmade necklace for $.03 (dunno how to do a cent symbol lol) shipping was only two bucks and it’s my most complimented piece of jewelry, next to my $250.00 handmade copper and bronze leaf necklace. So you know….money ain’t everything.

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eBay is the shit.
I live there too. Does that makes us like neighbors ‘n’ stuff?

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I am a total city girl, but now live in West Virginia…the butt of most redneck jokes. I live in a house with no driveway, on a main street with no parking. In the midst of remodeling the kitchen, for a short period of time I had not only a refrigerator on my front porch, but a pickup truck parked in my front yard. Hangs head in shame.

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Didja have a box spring on the roof of your place, that was being used as a giant TV antenna?

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Thankfully, it did not go that far :)

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I was thinking of posing this question on Fluther:

If everything has an “opposite,” such as a top has a bottom, a left side has a right side, and an entrance has an exit (which could be the same thing), then where is EAST VIRGINIA located?

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Virginia is much better, it doesn’t need the any extra designation.

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And it is after all for lovers. Or is that luvrers?

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Lurvers, for sure.

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