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So are Republicans totally embarrassed by Marjorie Taylor Greene yet?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4249points) February 14th, 2023

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s 9/11 Remarks Stun Audience Into Silence.

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The GOP is, in part, “Tone Deaf” with the dumber than dumb comments from their heroine MTG.
I still say her mother should be embarrassed by MTG’‘s clown act stunts and lack of serious actions a a member of Congress.

She must be a rock-star for the her followers in the KKK.

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Her statement was true, no one on Pennsylvania ground was hurt.

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^^ A little HARSH don’t ya think? Why use THAT as her example? Not sure if you had a loved one on that flight that you would appreciate that comment. I KNOW I wouldn’t!

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Do modern Republicans ever get embarrassed by anything their elected representatives do? We ought to know by now, given how much utterly stupid nonsense they’ve been doing in recent years. I don’t remember any Republicans ever (remaining Republicans yet) being embarrassed about such behavior.

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@Acrylic lots of things are true, but it’s best to not say them.
But in my opinion, MTG has no filters nor does she know humility or embarrassment.

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MTG obviously has never heard:

“Before you speak – is it kind? is it true? is it necessary?”

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@smudges If she went by that, she would NEVER open her mouth.

Oh My God my prayers would be answered!

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I think her lack of couth and humility is a sign of GOP is missing “lack of couth and humility” ! !

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NOOOO…Sadly, she’s the new norm!!!

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As a somewhat right of center almost Republican I can say, she has been an embarrassment from day 1. On the same level as A.O.C. reacting to her garbage disposal embarrassing.

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It depends on what split off branch of the Republican party you’re talking about.

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They’ve already proved how impervious they are to embarrassment and shame. So no.

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^^ That is sad :(

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“You can only see it two ways,” she said. “Either they’re liars or they’re cowards or our president is sold out to China. You know what? I’ll go with all three.”

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If they are not embarrassed by George Santos, they will not be embarrassed by anything.

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Nothing new. They are not embarrassed with Lauren Boebert nor Trump.

The gene pool has slim picking over there.

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@Blackwater_Park you are comparing MTG to AOC with that video that is beyond weak.
MTG is a conspiracy freak,from the Clintons shot down JFK’s plane, to Jewish space lasers, to gays , and drag queens being responsible for the shortage of female menstrual pads.
To a video about a woman who doesn’t know what a garbage disposal is?
Boy I can see your concern .

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^^ Yeah, talk about comparing apples to Aircraft carriers!

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@SQUEEKY2 Ok, which is scarier in our “leadership” Ignorance beyond belief or crazy beyond belief? Both raise the same red flags for me.

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^^I think I’ll chime in here and say, ignorance can be fixed with education. Crazy as in MTG…LOL! good luck!

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I agree, AOC could have just googled Garbage disposal and learned from there.
MTG is just Bat shit crazy .

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No. They have no shame. These are the wonderful folks who brought you Donald Trump.

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Modern Republicans are fascists. The proof is their support of Trump and his attempts to overthrow the election, and their cognitive dissonance surrounding that.
I have respect for real conservatives.
But the modern Republicans are pure evil to the cores of their souls. Their support of Trump and his treason (and their denial of such treason) is 100% proof of that.

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