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What is the best time of year to rent in San Francisco?

Asked by Celeste00 (786points) September 22nd, 2008

I know the market sucks most of the time, but I also know it changes slightly throughout the year due to several factors. I’m on a month to month lease now and would love to move to the city as soon as possible with my boyfriend. What is the best time to try and get a good deal?

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I would guess any time counter to the academic calender?
Probably not right before summer. I’d expect a deluge of recent graduates from different places.

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Best time is probably the time you’ll be there to actually live in the place.
Just my small town opinion, I don’t understand them big smokes so I don’t
Right, back to the cows

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No particular time. That type of seasonal trends are usually prevalent in places with extreme weather (no one wants to move in the freezing cold or sweltering heat) or in places with huge a collegiate population (kids move every May and August) but in San Francisco, I would say be ready to move when you’re ready to look. Places are always available but get snapped up within a few days at most. More often then not, places go on a first come, first serve basis. Just bring your application, all your financial stuff, and letters of recommendation from previous landlords.

I would say if anything, look during the second week or the last week of the month, because people are looking to fill vacancies around the 15th and the 1st.

I just went through this for the past 2 months- but I ended up with a great place in a neighborhood I love.

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@jballou thanks for the success story. It helps to know sometimes it actually works.

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I found my apartment in December. I think fewer people are looking to move around the holidays, so there’s less competition.

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One more note: when I was searching for apartments, I looked at one in the Archstone—a large, corporate apartment complex South of Market. To my surprise, the cost per month for a 12-month lease was actually more than the monthly cost of a 6-month lease. When I asked about this, the agent explained that they have actuaries that calculated the risk of an apartment going unrented each month. If my lease expires in the summer months, it is less likely to go unrented, so they offer a financial incentive to accept a shorter lease.

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I think any time it sucks so might as well just move when it is convenient for you….... summer can be a tad more difficult though but it’s always very competitive and expensive. Harsh but true!!!

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I’m moving in December and I was just told by a local broker that winter is the best time to move (which tends to be true in most places). She also said that summer is the more expensive time… people don’t move much during the winter so the prices are more reasonable.

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