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When things bother you, do you tend to talk to other people about them or do you tend to retreat within yourself?

Asked by jca2 (15749points) March 4th, 2023

When you’re feeling bothered by things (life, friends, general stuff), do you tend to retreat within yourself or do you tend to talk to other people about what’s bothering you?

I’m not referring to anything specific that’s going on with me or my life by asking this question. Everything’s ok, in general, for me. I can tend to avoid telling my problems to people, though, because I am leery of people gossiping.

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Context is everything. It depends on what and how severe the issue is. Sometimes I shut everybody out while I figure out how to deal, and sometimes I run everything by everybody hoping someone will have a helpful flash of insight.

I am surprised if anyone wants to gossip about me, my stuff just isn’t that interesting to other people.

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Kind of the same as @canidmajor . I had an issue recently that I mulled over and resolved by myself and then shared with a friend for a pat on the back. On the other hand, sometimes I will ask all my close friends for input before making a decision.

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I have to think about it first.

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I used to hide everything inside and was afraid or simply embarrassed to tell anyone about it. But not now, I know it’s better to talk things out and get the help you need. Not telling anyone about what’s bothering you will not help you at all. I recently told about a problem of mine and just today received a new medication that may help me with my problem. Time will tell.

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I’ve no friends, so retreat by default.

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Meh.. doesn’t make a rats butt to me. I’ll just cuss like a trooper when no one is around and get it all off my chest. Then onward thru the fog.

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I tend to retreat into myself, and talk about it after it has passed.

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Cussing someone out privately is good therapy for me. I get angry with my boss frequently but as long as I can mentally or even verbally cuss him out when I’m alone I avoid losing a friend and a job. Like, You GD freaking shit for brains ass clown, don’t take on new contracts when you fricking GD know you don’t have the people to cover them. Then expect me to drop what I’m doing and be at your F’ing beck and call you F’ing shit for brains moron. If brains were dynamite you couldn’t blow your fucking nose. I feel better all ready. All good!

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I used to talk, but as I get older I don’t share as much. I’m not completely one way or the other.

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It varies on the degree and impact. I typically at least get a nights sleep on it. If it kept me from sleeping or is still there, then I talk it out.

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