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I have a hockey announcing question? (Details Inside)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24045points) March 4th, 2023

How does a radio announcer know what side is left or right wing?

Seeing that It gets reversed depending on your point of view?

Right could be left depending on which side you view?

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This seems pretty obvious. Left and right are directions of movement relative to the goal. The left wing of one team faces the right wing of the other team.

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Unless you are standing on your head as you announce, It’s very obvious as stated by @LostInParadise even if you never played.

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@all I still don’t get it. It is not obvious to me.

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Opposing teams: the left wing and right wing are facing each other when the puck is dropped at center ice.

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@Tropical_Willie I still don’t get it. I’m confused. Edit Thanks I get it now.

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. Left Wing Right Wing

. Right Wing Left Wing

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