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In a typical day, which of these three words do you speak most often?

Asked by Jeruba (55494points) March 4th, 2023

Note, speak: say aloud, not just think or write.

Just take a guess. And then, if you think of it, pay attention tomorrow and see if it’s as you expected.




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I don’t work, so it doesn’t apply.

I’m always home, so that doesn’t apply.

I do eat, and sometimes I talk about it.

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Home -
I want to blow off my job and stay home with my wife to just run around with her, or just chill and watch TV with her. Tired of freaking working.

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@snowberry, I bet you do work, even if you don’t have a job.

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Just curious, what is the reason for choosing those 3 words?

I would guess that I use the word work most often, even though I am retired. The word can be used in a number of ways.

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I am going to guess “eat.” I will try to take note of it today.

Intriguing question!

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I think it is the word “work” for me even though I am retired. I will find it difficult to keep a tally as if I am concentrating on what I am saying I may lose count of the words I use and if I am aware of the words I speak I will have a conscious choice between, for example, saying “I have work to do” or “I have things to do” so the results might not be very accurate.

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Home first, followed by eat then work. Usually, though, “work” is used in the context of fun and not employment, like “I spent a couple hours at work on my latest painting.”

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My guess would be home but I’ll have to pay attention now and see if it’s true.

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Eat we’re currently on a “low carbs” sometimes “low calories” diet with 6 meals and snacks a day. Lost 30+ pounds in last year.

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Eat. I live to eat!

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@Jeruba This are your words in your question: “Note, speak: say aloud, not just think or write.” “Eat” is the only word I say with any regularity.

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I really am not sure. I will pay attention today and tomorrow.

I think it is probably “eat” when my husband is in the house. Although, I usually ask him if he is hungry or if he wants some lunch, I don’t think I usually ask if he wants something to eat. Hmmm.

“Work” would be my second guess if it is not eat. I say I need to work a lot, because I often am procrastinating doing work.

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I talk about food, but I don’t think I use the word eat that often. If I say that I am having a meal or that I really like a particular dish, the implication is that I am referring to eating without having to use that word.

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I would guess that the only one that I use on a daily basis is eat.

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Morning. (On a typical day I’m working from 5am til noon. I say good morning to dozens of vendors and fellow employees. I also speak about my morning later in the day.)

Need. (I need to wash laundry. I need to cook. I need to eat. I need your opinion. etc)

Come here. (To my pets.)

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I’d say that of the three words given, I say “home” more often than “eat” or “work.”

I may say “eat” now and then, like “what do you want to eat for dinner” but more likely, I’m saying “when you come home, I’ll show you” or “you can tell me when you get home” or “do you want to stay home today?” to my daughter.

In relation to food, I’m probably referring to a specific meal, like ” did you like the chicken” or “do you want tea?”

I’m not working at present so the word “work” is not a word I usually say.

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I’m so sorry. I misunderstood the question. I guessed what my three words would be.

I’ll go with eat.

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Of only those three, it varies depending on the day of the week.
Overall I would say HOME.

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