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Birthday Question?

Asked by HotAsIce911 (156points) September 22nd, 2008

so, my parents never ended up getting me something for one of my birthdays because they were going to get me tickets for a concert then i didnt want to go and yea. then they were like we’ll get you anything they even offered tattoos or piercings as something i could get. i did want a tattoo, but they were going to make me wait like a year since its on me permanently. so now i have no idea what to get, i was thinking a septum piercing but lots of my friends told me not to, but what are some other things i could get? they dont have to be piercings or tattoos, i just have no idea.

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Wait a year.
Get the tattoo.

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But I might as well just wait until I’m 18 and don’t have to deal with them then.

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Tattoos are expensive.
The good ones anyway.

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What do you want? Is there another concert you would like to go? CDs? A weekend getaway? New clothes? Shoes?

How on Earth would strangers know if you don’t?

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I’d say you ought to consider yourself lucky that your parents are willing to give you a tat or piercing.

Why don’t you try something totally grown up and ask them to put the $$ they would spend on a present toward your college education or your future

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Take the money and donate it to charity.

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How about a tubal ligation?

I got one for a former GF. She liked it!

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@jack I don’t have ‘tubes’.

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All human beings, regardless of gender, do.

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A sweet car-bed!

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Your cute.
Hope you find something you want
since you’re a minor i would go for something adult
and having the opt. to choose for yourself allows room for
which is clearly what you’re experiencing now.
If it were up to me I’d go w/ an upgrade of something I already own.
IPod, Mp3 player, Car accessorie(s), Computer monitor, DVD-Season(s),
Cell phone upgrade, Piercing*(that was actually a good idea-If you don’t want it past 30yrs.old you can actually remove it)
Maybe this can help jog your memory
Good-Luck _:)

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Oh, yeah Happy Birthday :)

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You must be totally spoiled not to be able to come up with something you want for your birthday. Why don’t you celebrate by doing something for someone with less than you as a family. Pick out some gifts to take to a homeless shelter that takes kids. It will be the most meaningful birthday you will ever have.

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Well, I’m going to go with an eyebrow piercing and some money. Thanks for all of the ideas.

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I second Judi’s suggestion, but do it for selfish reasons.

Do it because it will make you feel terrific inside, and not because it will make them feel terrific inside.

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Good choice. I think an eyebrow piercing may be more fitting.
Happy Birthday!

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eyebrow piercings are cool along w/ lip studs, if you’re looking into piercings but if not another alternative is if you aren’t already learning a new language or how to play guitar, etc.

that’d be a sweet gift, i’d love that!

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