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Do you think I caught COVID?

Asked by KRD (5018points) 1 week ago

A couple weeks ago I got invited to birthday party for one of my friends. We went to the place he was having the party and we where having fun. I was getting thirsty a lot but I was playing basket ball and such. I did notice this later on but normally when I get sick a day or two before I get sick I get really thirsty. The party was a blast. We where only there for a couple hours and I was getting tired and I didn’t realize I was catching a cold.

After the party we went to hang out at my friends place by having cake and giving him presents. About a half hour later some of the people went to bed but my friend and I with a few others stayed up past midnight to have more fun. During the time I was up I was cold but it wasn’t that bad to me. My nose was running and I was still getting very thirsty. In case you where wondering we where playing some video games. No one wanted to go to bed first except one of my friends best buds. (He met him before we met.) After pulling a prank on the first one to sleep we turned in about an hour later. I didn’t have any blanket so I used my coat and slept in a odd but comfortable position.

After we woke up I was still tired. I woke up on my own without anyone else waking me up. We played a little bit of video games before we had breakfast. But I was tired and my legs where sore. Even when we had some stuff to wake us up I was out of it. We decided to have a nurf war for a little bit but I didn’t join. My legs where hurting and I was going from cold to hot and back again. After a little battle we went outside but I didn’t do anything except walk. After awhile I went home and decided to lay on the couch all day.

After I got better my friends thought that I had COVID but I didn’t know if I had COVID and that is why I posted this question.
My symptoms where: sore legs, tiredness, bad cough, stuffy nose, fever, and sneezing. I still had my taste but I couldn’t smell much.
Do you think I caught COVID?

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Why didn’t you test to make sure? What is asking us after the fact going to change?

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Nope. You overtired yourself, and dehydrated yourself, but you were fine the next day after you rested up on the couch for a day.

Covid test are free, next time test yourself.

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Take a COVID test to be sure one way or the other.
You can get a home test from your Doctor ,or the drug store they are super simple to use.

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@SQUEEKY2 If it was a few weeks ago, a Covid test now is not likely to show anything.

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Nobody now can say for sure. We’d just be guessing.

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@SQUEEKY2 When I got sick I didn’t think about taking a COVID test.

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Pick a test or two and keep them at home for next time this might happen.

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I’m guessing you had covid.

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Bless your heart. I could not begin to guess what was/is wrong with you. I think someone already suggested a real doctor visit.

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You can only know by taking the test. Do you have any of the test at home?

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Possibly but we can’t know for sure. I thought I had it but tested negative every time. You may check online or your local health dept, I got like 6 free mailed to me. Better to know so you can isolate next time. :) Glad you’re better!

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I’m guessing no, and I usually think everyone with almost any symptom has covid. Yours sounds like you were overtired and talking too much.

If you thought you might be sick then you should have tested. No one here can know for sure.

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I had the cold for a few days.

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Somehow when I read it the first time I missed your symptoms. I’m changing my answer. I think there is an 80% chance you had covid.

The combination of congestion and fever in an adult is more likely covid than anything else right now. Flu doesn’t have congestion, and colds from rhinovirus almost never produce fever in an adult. A bacterial infection would not likely clear in less than a week.

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