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Would a septum piercing suit me?

Asked by HotAsIce911 (156points) September 22nd, 2008

Here is a picture of me:

The septum piercing goes through the middle of your nose, and it’s like an upside down lip ring, kind of.

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Neah. You’d look a little too Hot Topic.
Maybe when you get older…

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Speaking from a girl’s perspective, and one who kinda fit in with the septum piercing crowd (blue hair black eyeliner, pink hair and corsets i was crrrrrazy colorful)... no. I don’t think it’s for you. However, if it’s what you like, do it. It’s your face.

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I think it would look good on you. But I like piercings and tattoos.

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I like piercings and tattoos too. On certain people.

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Ack, too much snot factor.

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Personally I don’t think they suit anyone.
You’re a cute boy, you don’t need that metal in your face.

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I agree with generalspecific.

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i agree with girlofscience

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Getting my nose pierced was something that was important to me as a person. I didn’t do it necessarily because i thought it would look good or it wouldn’t look good. It goes deeper than that. Also, for me, the place that I got it done (i.e. the location in the world) was important. I did it as more of a marker/memento/reminder of a period of my life that I wanted to carry with me. But of course, I thought it was cool too. :) Don’t do what others tell you; do it if it’s important to you.

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If I were you, I would fly it by a physician and ask what the pros and cons of it are health-wise, now or later in life. I had no allergies at all when I was your age, and I can’t imagine living with more of a problem with my nose.

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Go for it.
I’ve heard septums hurt like a bitch though. Then again, I heard eyebrows and lips hurt and I got mine and it wasn’t all that bad.

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I have my septum done. You have to have the right amount of space between your nose and lips otherwise it’ll look like a dunut hangng under your nose in cases where there’s little space, and in cases where there is a large gap then it’ll look like a booger.

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I’m probably going to get an eyebrow piercing. Thanks for all of your opinions, maybe I could get a septum piercing in a few years.

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Good choice.

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I’d say go for a nostril piercing more than a septum. I personally think a nose ring/stud would look better on you than a septum. Possibly even a double nosering (2 on the same side)

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No you would be much better off getting an anal piercing, more painful, but definitely, less noticeable.

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I had my septum piecred for about 6 months and took it out because it didn’t look right.

The ebst thing to do if you get two types of feedbacks whether yes and no, is go for it. It is a piercing not a tattoo. worse comes to worse you can remove it, the hole will close and you will look like you did before.

The only thing to consider is the pinch you will get while getting the piercing. :)

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