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Have you ever been to a plastic surgeon?

Asked by Dig_Dug (3722points) 1 week ago

If so, how did it go? We’re you happy with the results?

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No. I like the way I look.

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No, I’ve never been and I never intend to go, short of some drastic event like getting really badly burned or something. I’m happy with the way I look and if somebody doesn’t take me at face value, that’s their problem not mine.

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Yes but not for what you think ,at work a few years back I fell on my left hand and broke my baby finger badly, and compensation had a plastic surgeon fix the finger.
did a great job.

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Yeah, I had a bottle of moisturizer that got fused to a produce bag, so he was able to separate them using a hot butter knife! ;p

For all I know, he’s operated on other types of plastic too. ;)

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@Brian1946 Okay Chris Rock… ;D

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I know a ton of people who have had cosmetic work. Everything from breast augmentation, breast reduction, face lifts, brow lifts, stomach tightening after pregnancy, cutting away a lot of skin after massive weight loss, scar fixes, nose jobs, I’m sure I’m missing something.

Most of the work people were happy, but I can think of a few who weren’t. One nose job had to be redone. That’s out of a dozen people I know who have had nose jobs.

The one friend who had a lot of skin cut away after weight loss wasn’t very happy with how it turned out.

One friend had her breasts turn out a little larger than she wanted and a little lopsided, but most everyone else was happy with their breast augmentation.

I know several people who had fantastic face lifts.

The tummy tuck after pregnancy was excellent.

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I’m thinking of having a couple things adjusted a little. Then I’ll have the jaw line that’s in my avatar!

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Yes. He removed a cyst from my wrist.

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I was in a car accident about 22 years ago and I broke my nose. I also got a small scar on the side of my nose, which is not visible. I went to a plastic surgeon for a consult. My nose healed well but I was told that if I wanted a nose job, I could have one, for free (paid for by insurance). The plastic surgeon told me my nose looked good, and I could have a nose job for free, but since I have a good nose, I should leave it alone. He said if it was a big nose, a bulbous nose, a pointy nose, or anything like that, he would recommend it but since my nose was good, to leave it alone. I left it alone.

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