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What features would you like apple to add to the iPhone?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) September 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

I will have to say the iPhone is flawed and there is room for improvements. It is the best phone and toy that I have ever had. It does miss some things though. In your opinion what are they?

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The usual suspects. Copy/Paste and MMS

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video capability, native audio recording software.

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Yes! Copy/Paste!
And I miss flash sites too.

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Copy/Paste… WTF? Seriously. outrage

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Waffle iron.

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video chat

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The iPhone certainly meets my needs. Umm.. I guess video chat.

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Copy/paste… and mindreading abilities.

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Hardware reliability. I just picked up my 3rd replacement phone (2g) today. Calls had stopped ringing and the WiFi antenna died

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Video, forwarding SMS, picture SMS

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I love my iPhone. It would be nice to have copy and paste.

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copy/paste, stable safari, flash, theatering or whatever you call it comparability. Abillity to turn off word suggest, sucks when you write both in Norwegian and English. Overall better and faster stabillity.

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I would be happy if they just made mail turn sideways.
the waffle iron idea is nice as well, but it has to be Belgian Waffles
what? it doesn’t have mind reading capabilities????

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I’d also appreciate the ability to turn on profanity in the spell checking. I’m so ducking sick of that.

I think it needs a hardware upgrade in respects to performance. Faster processor, more RAM. There’s been alot of software increaces that seems to be taxing the phone’s hardware abilities.

I disagree with the statement that the iPhone is “flawed”. I certainy see room for improvement, of which many are just people’s personal preferance. That doesn’t make it flawed by any means.

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Oh! And an option to turn off that rotating feature!
Sometimes I like to lie on my side while using the internet/phone.

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Copy/paste, better camera, video, Flash support, bug fixed, more quality apps and less pointless rip-offs, call info, 32gb version, and more I can’t think of off the top of my head.

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Voice dialing.

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Slipping again AC, the answer is: transporter.

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A voice dialing would be real nice.
And maybe a stun gun. :)

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As it’s already implemented in Safari… when you flip the iPhone the keyboard flips too so you have a larger keyboard for writing. This should be available to all iPhone apps, which would make any writing a lot easier.

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I must be alone on this: I find it easier and quicker to type with the portrait keyboard than the landscape keyboard. I like having the keys in closer range to one another.

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There is an entire fluther thread devoted to that mentality, @eambos. If I could only find it…
Alas, here it is!

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