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Anybody own a Flip Mino? I have a question.

Asked by jrpowell (40514points) September 22nd, 2008

Here is the camera. Are there any lights on the front that would indicate that I am recording? I mostly want to record unreasonable action by the police and would like it if they didn’t know if I was recording. I unfortunately run into bad behavior too often.

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the previous gen Flip has a big red LED that encicles the lens…it’s fricken’ annoying! Sorry but haven’t seen the Mino in person, but maybe has a video review of it in action? I’ll check and get back to you.

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just searched on YouTube and found a review; the LED is still there but not against the lens like the previous model; I suppose a strip of duct or gaffer’s tape would hide that just fine, but you should also be aware of the silver “brushed metal” looking bezel around the lens aperture (it may be plastic), but it seems pretty wide in diameter and may take some modding to make less conspicuous. One other caution: due to their electronics these things shoot poorly in fast moving situations (very slow shutter speeds), and also have very low ISO and are nearly unusable in night situations FYI.

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Thanks. I am aware of the limitations. But it should be better than nothing. I will probaly try to hack some electrical tape or nail-polish to cover the light.

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you got it…you could research some digital still cameras used that do movie mode; even if they take slower frame rate or size (320×240 for instance), the lens and sensor may be better and with higher ISO you could do better in low light. Still I understand cost is an issue, just that there may be some good used nikons or canon point-n-shoots with video on craigslist, etc.

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I have a Canon Powershot A560 that does video. It kinda sucks and destroys the battery. I would like something small and Zero to video in seconds thing looks nice.

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