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How would you reheat a piece of strip steak?

Asked by janbb (63040points) March 10th, 2023

Just couldn’t finish it and took a nice hunk home. I don’t usually have steak but it would be a shame to waste this.

Think i could slice it thinly and throw some gravy over it but open to other ideas.

Note: This is in General so please don’t respond that you are a vegetarian and don’t eat steak!

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In a skillet with a lid small enough to cover, and a splash of water.

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I reheat everything in a microwave.

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If you really wanted to spoil yourself, make a bouquet garni and as much butter as you can allow yourself plus a bit more and but them in a hot cast iron pan while basting liberally. It may be better than the original…

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Well now I’m just drooling! Thanks a lot, @gorillapaws!

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@LifeQuestioner Not to worry, I’ve been told @janbb brought enough for everyone.

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Nuke with radio frequency microwaves.

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Usually in the oven set at 225 or so.

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For my husband, straight from the fridge to the microwave. Just for 30 seconds (might be less or more depending on the size of the piece) so the middle doesn’t get too cooked. He likes his steak medium rare, and he wouldn’t mind if it’s cool in the center.

I don’t mind my steak done, so I would heat mine a little longer in the microwave or I would cut it up and add it to leftover rice with veggies in a pan for fried rice.

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I would probably slice it up and put it in a pan with some cooked rice and veggies and do a stir fry. That way, the meat barely has to be heated, won’t get overcooked, the flavors will be infused into the rice and it would be a quick and healthy dinner.

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@jca2 You made me think of something else that I think I’ll do – fajitas. Now I just have to get tortillas and green peppers. Or pepper steak.

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Dry heat in oven or on stove top…never in microwave.

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I would probably eat it cold, but my wife objects.
She like it when I cut it into small pieces and add them to some noodles, or fry them into peppers and onions, and stick them into a pita.

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Update: I cut it into small strips, sauteed some onion and green pepper in olive oil and threw in the meat and some Worcestershire sauce. Had it as fajitas on flour tortillas with taco sauce, sour cream and cut up tomatoes and lettuce. Pretty darn good!

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@janbb That’s a perfect way to treat it.

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@janbb What is your food budget like?

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@kritiper I’m curious. Why do you ask that? I don’t really budget; I eat what I want.

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Dry covered pan or wrap in foil and put in over a few minutes…275 degrees.

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@janbb What you put forth as additional relish on the leftover steak makes me think you have very expensive tastes. (Also curious.)

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@kritiper That’s a weird interpretation of what I did; using cheap vegetable ingredients to make leftover meat go further and be healthier and tastier. And – not that it’s any of your business, but the steak was from a free meal at a friend’s restaurant.

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@kritiper When I do a stir fry, to me it’s a cheap way to stretch a small amount of meat. That’s why it kills me when a hibachi restaurant charges a lot for a stir fry, when it’s a tiny amount of protein combined with a huge pile of rice, pasta and veggies.

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@janbb sometimes I do that if I buy a rotisserie chicken too. There’s always so much chicken to cut off the carcass, and then only so many ways to prepare it afterwards. So I did what you did with your steak and grown up some peppers and onions and made fajitas with it!

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@janbb Don’t you have any ketchup??
@jca2 I can see that. But, specifically, the OP asked about reheating, not making a meal out of it.

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@kritiper She seemed to like my answer, so there’s that.

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