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Fuji, Granny Smith or Red Delicious?

Asked by maybe_KB (669points) September 22nd, 2008

Juiced, Ala carte, Dessert, Pureed
which is best for the job?
How would you slice it?

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Fuji or Braeburns for eating. Granny Smith for baking.

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Granny smith for eating all the way! (love the tartness and crispness)

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Scrumpy hard cider.

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Megan65 nailed it.
Red Delicious tend to be chalky. Why?

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Red Delicious are NOT delicious!
I hate that they’re more popular, always in the school snack line or continental breakfasts.
I love Johnathons though.

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Granny Smith for eating. Unfortunately, apples are among the most heavily sprayed fruits and need to be peeled before eating.

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Apple Chips with extra cinnamon. Homemade applesauce from home-grown apples with so much cinnamon it’s brown. Actually, anything apple with lots of cinnamon.

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My uncle has the tree near the woods at his house. I don’t know the name of the apples, but all I know is that they’re red, (have occasional bugs in them), and are damn good!

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Cox Orange Pippens are really hard to find, but are my favorite all-round apple. Perfect acid balance, intense flavor, crisp, holds up under baking. The Brits consider this the finest apple (I don’t often cite the Brits as food authorities, but they got this right).

Swiss Gourmet, AKA Arlet is a close runner-up

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Fuji apples are the shit. Seriously they are the juiciest apples ive ever had. Second best are Pink Ladies. I really dont like granny smiths except for cooking, and i think red delicious well arent.

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Granny Smith for most everything. And it’s true, Red Delicious just aren’t. They look great but taste terrible! Other than making a fruit basket look pretty, I find them to be useless.

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Pink Lady Apples?
Is that what were calling it now-a-days?

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Snow White Thought they were devine

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Gala and Fuji, but I’ll eat most any kind of apple.

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Oh yeah, Gala…Mmmmm

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@gailcalled…That site is puuurty _:)

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Ugh on all of the above. For eating, it is McIntosh all the way, seconded by Winesaps and Jonathan (tied).

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Caramel for me, thank you.

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Google “USA Today red delicious apples” to read about an Agricuture Canada study that pegged Red Delicious as…

“A Canadian government study that measured the levels of antioxidants in eight varieties of apples found that Red Delicious contain the highest concentrations of the health enhancing chemicals.

And to get the most bang for your bite, be sure to eat the peel.

The skin of Red Delicious apples — the most common variety grown in the United States — contains over six times more antioxidant activity than the flesh, according to researchers at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

But don’t swear off other varieties just yet.”

Google “ red delicious apples” for a Canadian TV Network article on the same study.

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Those overlarge, flavorless, mealy blobs of the apple world chosen by growers for their insanely long life are like commercial tomatoes—pale shadows of the real thing.

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Marina good ans. I forgot about McIntosh apples…Mmmmm

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@ ticlin gailcalled said peel the apple

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Damn Mac people. Everything is about Apple with you people.

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Fugi- to eat
Grannies-to put out with dip
Reds-In a bowl as decor

But, my ALL time fav to munch on are Pink Lady’s..nothin’s better!

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Golden delicious!!

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I am very surprised by all of the people who do not care for the taste of the Red Delicious. They have always been my favorite, however, I have stopped eating them over the last few years because I get an unpleasant tingling in my mouth when I eat them. I thought it might be from pesticides but I get the same thing from cantaloupe and some types of ice cream! Doc says I am most probably allergic to something common in all of these things.

I am now a Fuji person.

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Go for the Granny: best apples on earth—crisp, tart… Fuji’s are a close second.

All the so-called “Delicious” apples are flavorless mealy mush.

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Try Jonamacs or Cortlands… The best!

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@DandyDear – yes, Cortlands are great!

We used to get an apple when I was a kid called a Northern Spy. I can’t find them here. Anyone else heard of them?

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@ tedbear Have heard of them – haven’t seen them lately.

I’m a Granny Smith fan – for both eating and baking.

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(I love them.)

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Pink Ladies are the best eating apples ever. Honey crisp are nice, MacIntosh aren’t bad. Granny smiths are great in pies and cobblers. Golden and Red Delicious are disgustingly mealy.

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I remember Northern Spys. According to Science Daily, they also have a high antioxidant level. Also, you can order them.

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I said that non-organic apples should be peeled, sadly. Here we have orchards and beautiful, unsprayed generic apples, but only in season, of course. Michael Pollan has added “local, organic, unsprayed” to his mantra. I find the MacIntosh disappointing according to my memories. The apples that drop from the old trees around here are tart, crisp, small and lead directly to stomach ache, unfortunately.

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I agree with you all about golden and red delicious – yuck!

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@Marina – thank you! I will remember that for next season. (They say the spy season is over.) First Sueanne sends me a cheese curd link, now I get an apple link ~ I love fluther!
On the Golden Delicious issue, I heard a chef say that it makes the best pies. So, I treid it. Um, no, not really it doesn’t. :(

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For pie, Gravensteins are the bomb! Not widely available but if you come across them, snap em up. It will spoil you for pie apples forever more!

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I’ve always found Red Delicious too grainy, I have no idea how they get that way. Granny Smith are too tart, but are good for baking, they are like bakers chocolate you wouldn’t eat it by itself but it bakes wonderfully. As for eating Fuji apples are the way to go! They are smaller, so they fit in my purse better, AND they are just sweet enough and are a great snack! Who could complain??

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I think i have a new favorite. Honeycrisp apples. Mmmmm they are juicer than fujis.

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We ate a lot of Honeycrisp this year. Living in upstate New York is the best during
apple season! For thanksgiving dinner today, we will use granny smith’s for the apple crisp.

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For Christmas my PT gave me a Mrs P apple. It is a freshly picked Granny Smith dipped into caramel, nuts and chocolate. The juicy, tart apple, buttery caramel and choc-Bravo.

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