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How much real cash have you ever had in your hands at one time?

Asked by Dig_Dug (3723points) 4 days ago

Not Monopoly money either. But cold hard cash with dead people’s pictures on them and you could use to buy stuff. Oh, and it had to be your money not someone else’s.

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$2,300 in 2003 $3,000 in October 30 2012. $400 in 1990 from having two paper routes.

Now I only get before paying my credit card debt, and is gone instantly at the start of the month.

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$5,000. Buying our first home, seller insisted on cash payment.

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$36,000 check for final payment for inheritance.

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I think it was around $8k. I sold my vehicle for cash.

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About $150,000 from inheritance.

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About five grand.

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Checks don’t count. I have had $7500 in cash to buy a small boat with.

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$9,500. to pay for a group dinner at Peter Luger’s Steak House in Brooklyn. There were 23 of us for dinner. They don’t accept credit cards, cash only.

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I had just over 100K.

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I think in the single digit thousands. I can’t remember the exact amount. The circumstances surrounding me having the cash is private.

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£500,000 in used notes.

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$23,000 I used it to make a bank transfer.

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Legal tender = $ 45,000 for a cash sale of my Ducati

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$7000 in twenties. Sold my car.

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$3000.00 in new bills which we handed over, in China, to an adoption worker shortly after getting our daughter.

They opened the top drawer of their desk to reveal dozens of similar bundles of cash and then spent the next 15-minutes yelling at us in Chinese.

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$8,000 bought a used truck.
I wanted to buy my new truck in cash but the dealer said they couldn’t accept anything over $10,000 so I had to buy it with a bank draft instead.

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In 1976, I bought a modified 1960 Corvette that was a half completed project car for $3000. That is equivalent to $16,000 today. I did not have that amount of cash in my wallet so I asked 3 guys at work if I could borrow some for the day until I could go to the bank and return it in a day or two. Within about 30 minutes between the 3 guys I had over $3,000 and was able to go out during lunch and get it.
Different times.

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Of my own – about $1,000. It was high school graduation money.

Not my own, probably $200,000. A cash shipment at work.

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@zenvelo ~$400 a person? Good god.

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$8,000 to buy a car.

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