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How come certain words are cut off in the pdf i created?

Asked by MarcIsMyHero (650points) September 22nd, 2008

I am working on a press release in Adobe Illustrator. The file is saved as an optimized for web pdf. For some reason when viewed in the web browsers a few words are truncated…often leaving out the letter “F”
How can i fix this? In the original file everything looks perfect.

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Perhaps it has something to do with the font your using? I know that some fonts just don’t show well when I’m scrapbooking.

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Try outlining the text before saving a PDF (—> Type/Create outlines)

*make sure the layer/s the text is on is Not locked
*and the text itself is not locked
*select all the text before doing this

NOTE that you will obviously not be able to EDIT the text once you outline it

The only issue you might have is that the L’s will look Thicker if you zoom out in Acrobat Reader (but that’s just a glitch, it’ll print fine)

also, save the PDF as version 1.3


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Illustrator was not meant to handle large amounts of text. This may be where some of your problems are coming from. I would suggest using InDesign for anything with a main focus on the text.

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