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How do you feel about tracking numbers?

Asked by chyna (50566points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

I generally don’t use them to check when a package will be delivered. I want the surprise of “oh, it’s here”! I will use the tracking number only if I realize it’s been a while since I ordered something and it hasn’t arrived.
So do you like the surprise of not knowing, or do you watch and track the package daily?

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I obsessively track packages! I want to know!

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Agreed. I rarely track a package unless it feels like it’s been a very long time.

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Once I give them my money, I stalk that sucker!!!

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Because of porch pirates, I like to track.
Also, I like how cute the Amazon delivery is: “Your package is 6 stops away!” on the little neighborhood map.

I once sent a box of books to a friend in Montana by super cheap “media” post. It took three weeks, and hopscotched all over the country, went to places I’d never been. It spent three days in Vegas. I thought it was a sad statement on my life that a box I mailed was obviously having more fun than I was.

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@canidmajor You’re living through your boxes. Hahaha

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Most of the time I ignore tracking because I seldom order things with a timeframe in mind. I choose the cheapest shipping method and have an ‘it gets here when it gets here’ mentality.

On a few rare occasions I have been trying to get something by a specific date, and have tracked a package once or twice during it’s transit…but it’s rare.

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No. Not unless it’s late.

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I would estimate I check about a third of the time. I got in the habit a few years ago when UPS got horrible at package delivery. But even then, the tracking number does no good if the UPS truck takes the package back to the warehouse.

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I track my package deliveries stop by stop on my PC and then look out the window to see the Amazon Prime van arrive.

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I track them unless it’s a USPS tracking# all bets are off there….lies!

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We live downtown in a city of 250k people. We always track to avoid our packages from getting stolen.

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I love that there is tracking on packages, but I almost never use it.

I only use it if something doesn’t arrive when expected, or if I’m anxiously awaiting something that is being sent through fast mail and it’s arrival is very important. Both situations are incredibly rare in my life.

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Most of the stuff I order is delivered the next day. I only check if it’s not there in a couple days.

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I’m a “track” addict! I track a package several times a day if it’s something I’m really waiting for. I get more excited if it’s getting closer and closer and I try to guess just when it’s gonna arrive.

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I have a notebook where I record things I have ordered or mailed. I had a Q about it a while ago.
My columns are: package number, date, recipient, estimated rec date, actual date and contents. I use that to keep track of packages I send as well as receive.
So far I have 3 pages in a spiral bound notebook. At this rate it will last me for the rest of my life.
When I send something to my elderly friend in his late 90s, I use the tracking number so I can and tell him when it arrived and where it was placed.

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^Great idea! I’m stealing it.

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@Dig_Dug I love it when you can track their route, like with FedEx and Amazon. It will show exactly where the vehicle is and how many stops away they are.

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@Jonsblond Oh yes, it’s like Christmas waiting for Santa. lol

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I check often.

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My wife has 5 to 10 items a week shipped to the house, check once or twice a day. She is waiting for a package from Canada, that has been through the local distribution center twice (it got sent to the wrong city) . . . . Original delivery date was 3/15 it is 3/17 and still hasn’t got to our local PO.

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@Dig_Dug yes! Just like NORAD Santa tracker. :)

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I found my earlier question that inspired me to make a notebook.
How do you keep track of online orders and packages?
That was in December of 2020. As of March 16, 2023, I am on package number 55. I guess I’m not a big shipper or shopper.

I forgot to mention something. When the package arrives, I put a check mark over the I can readily see which items are still outstanding. I suppose I could look at the arrival date but a large check mark stands out more readily.

@chyna Feel free to copy the concept. My gift! Actually, l got the idea from @kardamom and @SEKA . I wish they were here to see that their answers helped me and live on.

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I track my package almost every day once the shipper had sent it out. I track it several times on the day of the delivery. The excitement builds up, climaxing at that moment when I open that box —— and I see the collectible item I purchased.

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I usually only check the tracking number when I’m waiting for something that hasn’t yet arrived. Amazon is good 99% of the time but a few times they put it at the wrong doorstep. If I’m waiting for something and it’s due to arrive today, and it gets later in the day, I will take a look to make sure they’re not saying it’s been delivered when I still don’t have it.

Other than that, I don’t usually check obsessively.

Amazon and other major retailers usually send an email once the package has been delivered, so you know to check outside or the mailbox. I have delivery instructions with GPS coordinates in my Amazon profile so there’s no mistaking exactly where my house is.

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Is a tracking number anything like that ankle band that goes well with orange prison jumpers?

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@Forever_Free We’ll ask Trump!

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I just don’t feel anything about them.

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